Chantecaille Spring 2012: Coral Reefs

Chantecaille spring 2012 Coral Reefs displayChantecaille has a new spring collection out. Their theme (and charity) this time is Coral Reefs — so everything is coral, and yes, of course I love it.

The last few Chantecaille collections have centered around a four-pan palette, so let’s start with that. The limited edition Coral Reefs palette is $79, and includes three full-sized eyeshadows and a blush. When you finish a shade, there’s a pinhole in the back of the compact to help you push out the pan, so you can pop something else in there (which is nice, because empty palettes from Chantecaille are pretty expensive).

For the past several years the Chantecailles have donated a portion of the proceeds of these palettes to various environmental charities. When you buy a Coral Reefs palette, 5% ($3.95) will go to the Marine Conservation Institute. I guess 5% is better than nothing, but I think you buy a Chantecaille palette because their powders are exquisite and you love the colors, not because they’re making a donation.

The powders feature a gold overspray (which disappears quickly) and the embossed image of coral. The first shade (Pink Pearl) is a soft satin beige-pink with a very subtle, pearly tinge of gold shimmer. The second shade (Reef, also referred to as Sand on Chantecaille’s website) is a satin warm fawn-sand with very subtle, tiny gold shimmers. The third shade (Driftwood) is a satin, warm brown, redwood, mulch color with a few tiny bronze shimmers.

The blush is simply called Coral, and it’s a beautiful satin warm pink with tiny, subtle, glowy sparkles. Oh how I love a warm/coral blush.
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There are three lip products in the collection, which I thought were all permanent additions to the line… though designates the Lip Chic and Gloss as limited edition.

Sunrise Lip Chic is a warm, tropical guava pink ($33). Lucky Brilliant Lip Gloss is a light, warm, sheer pink with gold shimmers ($32). Coral Lip Definer is a bright coral, a very orange pink ($24).

There’s one new Gel Liner Pencil, Espresso. But I was pretty sure I hadn’t yet swatched Hematite (which launched this past fall), so I did that one, too. These eyeliner pencils are $32 each. I believe Espresso is limited edition (but why?). It’s a dark cool brown, pretty much my perfect color for an eyeliner. Hematite is a sheeny, Batman-charcoal black-grey.

If you’re shopping online, this collection is available on NeimanMarcus.comicon (free shipping with code SPRINGFS), Nordstrom.comicon (free shipping), and (free shipping at $75).

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3 Responses to “Chantecaille Spring 2012: Coral Reefs”

  • Colleen says:

    I have the Sunrise Lip Chic and love it! Absolutely perfect for spring and summer. It’s a bit pinkies on me than you. Thanks for the lovely swatches!

  • jilly says:

    how does sunrise compare with anais?

    Are either close to Chanel Bel Air Glossimer? Thanks!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Here’s a swatch of Anais:

    It looks much more sheer and much more orange. Sunrise is quite pink by comparison.

    I don’t have a swatch of Bel Air, but I’m pretty sure Sunrise is closer than Anais, both for its pinkness and its opacity.

    Hope that helps?

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