Chantecaille Fall 2011

I have a Pavlovian response to the release of a new Chantecaille palette. They’ve just trained me, with their incredibly luxe powders and delicate, sophisticated combinations of neutrals. (Nobody does powder like Chantecaille — be it eyeshadow, blush, or face powder.)

I’ve swatched several of these palettes now, and I’m starting to see a rhythm to the Chantecaille shade selection. I think of this palette as “the purple palette,” even though that’s delivered in a very subtle way. Revisit: Sylvie’s Personal Palette, Tigers in the Wild, and Sea Turtles. (And even though it’s not precisely the same mold as the others, Les Dauphins/Dolphins.)
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Chantecaille, fall 2011, New Classic PaletteThe New Classic palette is $85 (slightly higher than recent releases). Valerian is a pale, champagne-pink satin. Thistle is a neutral-purple rose-ash-sand (also satin finish). Lavender (how could they call this shade lavender?) is a dark, blue-purple charcoal (black plum?) with ultra-fine iridescent shimmer. Rose is a shimmery, warm pink blush — but there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear it as an eyeshadow, so I swatched it that way, too. The pans are embossed with Chantecaille Cs, and, as with other palettes of this type, the back of the compact has pinholes, so when you finish a shade you can push out the empty pan and reuse/refill.

Fall also sees the launch of a new Gel Liner Pencil. The idea is to deliver the finish and wear-time of a gel in a faster, more convenient pencil form. The Gel Liner Pencil will actually come in two shades: black Jet and gunmetal Hematite. These are $32 each (and have an angled liner brush on the back end). I haven’t seen Hematite yet, but I used Jet to mark off my blush swatches.

There are also two new Lip Chics for fall ($32). I’m a huge fan of the Lip Chics; they have a wonderful, soothing, “heavy jelly” feeling that my usually-dry lips just love. Calla Lily is cranberry-rose. Violetta is raspberry-berry.

And there wouldn’t have been much point in swatching it, but Chantecaille is launching a new treatment mascara, Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara. It’s essentially Chantecaille’s Faux Cils mascara with a lash-growth peptide called SymPeptide 17™. It’s $70, and you’re supposed to see results in two weeks of use.

The Lip Chics are already up on Chantecaille’s website; the palette and eyeliners say “coming soon.” And if you’re lucky enough to have a local Chantecaille counter, check with them — this stuff should be available for sale any day now.

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3 Responses to “Chantecaille Fall 2011”

  • That is a beautiful collection. Chantecaille is REALLY tempting me lately!

  • Sarasotagirl says:

    Love the swatches. I was hoping Chante would finally make a deep, warm-toned Lip Chic … but I guess I can keep hoping.

  • Katie says:

    Wow, it’s all really beautiful! Do you know if The New Classic palette is perm or LE?

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