Chantecaille Fall

Readers, I finally saw Chantecaille’s fall collection in person and it is lovely (oh why did I think it would be otherwise?).

The promotional photo of the Tiger in the Wild palette is very misleading. It looks like you’re getting a slate blue eyeshadow and a very orange blush (the blush is called Persimmon and the promo pic really looks like a persimmon). Actually, the shades are satin beige, gently shimmery grey-fawn, and matte near-black. The blush is a beautiful warm pink. When you buy a compact, the shades have a shimmery overspray. This disappears on first use, and won’t affect the way the product applies at all.

The palette is $78 (of which 5% will go to a charity to save tigers), and like the Dolphins palette, the pans are removable. So you can swap out a shade at your leisure, and keep using the compact after you’ve used everything in it. (That’s a very good thing, because Chantecaille’s palettes are extremely expensive.)
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There are two new Lip Chics: Capucine and Anais. Putting on a Lip Chic is like putting on the nicest, most heavenly balm you’ve ever felt. Capucine is a bright coral; Anais is a sheer peach (less orange than Geranium; less pink than Camellia). The sheer lipsticks are $30 each.

Classic lipgloss is a warm pink, and surprisingly opaque for a Chantecaille Brilliant gloss. It is $28.

There’s also a new Le Stylo (liquid, felt-tipped-pen-style eyeliner, $26): Indigo (black-blue). And there’s a new shade of Faux Cils mascara, blackened blue-purple Viola ($38).

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10 Responses to “Chantecaille Fall”

  • Kate says:

    So pretty! In all of your swatching, is there anything similar to the beigey-taupey eyeshadow shade?

  • Shannon says:

    I thought Faux Cils is a YSL mascara?

  • Lucia says:

    Thanks for this posting, I did not see the palette yet, but I was very excited when it made its first appearance in the blogs. I am medium skintone with live undertones, will the blush show up at all on me???? It looks like the eyeshadows are not shimmering at all, is that right? Love the lip chics, I own one in Bourbon rose (I have pigmented lips) and it looks so natural, you are right they are heavenly. That Capucine is winking at me, love it! I am afraid Anais is not going to show in my lips…
    Thanks again for this post

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Shannon, “faux cils” is French for “false lashes,” so while YSL does famously have a mascara called “Faux Cils,” Chantecaille also has a formula with the same name.

  • Must… resist… taupes…

  • Tiffany says:

    Gah…so expensive but sooo pretty. I have a ton of neutral eyeshadows already, though, so I must be strong! I will say that I got my first Lip Chic during the Nordstrom anniversary event and I love it, so I’m eyeing Capucine. Hmmm.

  • Kate says:

    LOL. Thanks Karla… figures I have two of those you posted…:)

  • Susan Ledford says:

    Can cool tones wear the Tiger palette?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I would think so. :)

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