Chantecaille Spring 2010: Les Dauphins palette (and Lip Chics)

Chantecaille, Les Dauphins, dolphins, promoI fell in love with everything I swatched last weekend, and I think it’s because I started with Chantecaille’s spring collection. This spring sees another limited edition, nature conservation item from Chantecaille. Les Dauphins palette is $77 (is it me, or is Chantecaille becoming more affordable?), and it is sinfully gorgeous.

The mirrored compact contains four powder duos: a highlighting eyeshadow duo (white pink and very pale pink), a brown eyeshadow duo, a grey (or very cool brown) eyeshadow duo, and a two-toned blush meant to be swirled together. I also tried swirling together the lightest eyeshadow pan as a potential highlighter.

The palette is also refillable. Turn it over and you’ll see a pinhole under each pan, to push out and replace empties (or swap shades) with ease. And 5% of the purchase price will be donated to an organization working to protect Greece’s dolphins.
Chantecaille, Spring 2010, Les Dauphins, dolphins, swatches
And here’s what a well loved tester looks like:
Chantecaille, spring 2010, Les Dauphins, dolphins
There are also two new Lip Chics for spring: China Rose and Bourbon Rose. At $30 apiece, Lip Chics are definitely a luxury, but the formula is delightful. These lipsticks are unscented, sheer shades that feel like a deliciously heavy balm on your lips. I swatched the two newcomers next to two familiar shades for comparison; click here to see the other Lip Chic shades, except for Heirloom, which is here.
Chantecaille, Spring 2010, Lip Chics, Geranium, China Rose, Zinnia, Bourbon Rose, swatches
Chantecaille Spring 2010: Les Dauphins, dolphin palette, China Rose, Bourbon Rose

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9 Responses to “Chantecaille Spring 2010: Les Dauphins palette (and Lip Chics)”

  • hippo says:

    I am not lemming the palette. The blush doesn’t seem very pigmented and the shades don’t look all that unique. however geranium lipckick looks lovely

  • Anitacska says:

    I have to admit that the colours are not that great, but I still really want this palette as I collect the limited edition Chantecaille palettes and powders, and they are so pretty! I’m still waiting to find one on eBay or MUA, because although $77 isn’t too bad, in the UK it’ll cost more like £70 which is about $105! It was the same with the Protected Paradise powders, they cost $95 in the US and £90 in the UK! Humph!

  • Tiffany says:

    Not exactly an exciting palette, but those are the kinds of colors I generally wear, so I’m drawn to it anyway. Those Lip Chics are gorgeous. Maybe I’ll pick one up once my no-buy is over, haha.

  • JaneD says:

    Mmmm, that palette is so pretty! And the price tag is surprising for Chantecaille – they usually go for much higher.

    Love the Lip Chics – I’m going to check out China Rose, looks so juicy!

  • jo says:

    Hi i want to enter for the glam prize

  • vanilla says:

    awww so pretty!i love all the shades!
    but its too expensive

  • Judi says:

    Has anyone purchased this set? I don’t live anywhere where I could even see a tester. How much shimmer, frost or matte?

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