Chantecaille Liquid Eyeliners and Heirloom Lip Chic

Today’s post is a little bit higglety-pigglety, because Chantecaille’s fall collection is a little all over the place. The main event for fall is Sylvie’s Personal Palette, a 3-eyeshadow, 1-blush quad with rose embossing on the powders — but I’m not sure what the release date is, and my counter doesn’t yet have a tester.

For fall, Chantecaille is also releasing one new Lip Chic (click here for swatches of the other 9 Lip Chics), one new Luminous Eyeliner (liquid liner with a brush), a new shade of their Le Stylo (marker-style liquid liner), and a new, lightest-yet shade of their Future Skin foundation (meaning, of course, that all the Future Skin foundation shades had to be swatched together, so we’ll talk about them another day). While the “Personal” palette will be limited edition, these products are all additions to the permanent line.

Chantecaille, Luminous Eye Liner, Luminous EyelinerThe new-for-fall shade of Luminous Eyeliner is called Viola, and it’s a purple black-brown. Unfortunately, Viola seems to be replacing the grey Allegro (I think display units are expensive to redesign and manufacture, and I had hoped to swatch Allegro before it disappeared forever, but my counter has already spirited away that tester). In addition to Viola, Chantecaille offers shimmery golden brown Crescendo; purple-blue-black Pianissimo; and simply jet black Tempo. The Luminous Eyeliners are $22 each and are water-resistant.
Chantecaille, Luminous Eye Liner, Luminous Eyeliner, swatches, Viola, Crescendo, Pianissimo, Tempo, Heirloom, Lip ChicWe’ve talked about Lip Chics before — and though their $30 price tag is steep, they feel incredibly luxurious on the lips, with a moisturizing, heavy-balm feel that sinks into your lips. Heirloom is a berry, falling somewhere between Tea Rose/Dahlia and Damask in terms of color.
Chantecaille, Le Stylo, swatchesLe Stylo eyeliner (a liquid eyeliner in a felt-tipped marker form) is one of my Chantecaille makeup artist’s favorite products. Up until now, Le Stylo only came in black — for fall, Chantecaille is adding Dark Brown (a cool brown) to the mix. Le Stylo is $26.

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5 Responses to “Chantecaille Liquid Eyeliners and Heirloom Lip Chic”

  • Robin says:

    >I'm so appreciative of these Chantecaille swatches. I live at least 6 hours away from the nearest counter, so these are very helpful. Best wishes, Robin

  • Christina says:

    >Hi Karla,

    Thanks so much for the swatches! I do not own any Chantecaille, but I am loving your swatches of Heirloom, Viola and Piannissimo! I was wondering, at which store's counter did you find these? I did not see any of the new items on the Chantecaille site or the Saks site :(

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hi Christina!

    I do all my Chantecaille swatches at Neiman Marcus, and the three items you're looking for are all on NM's website. :)

  • Joey says:

    >Well so the Lip Chic lemming is dead…but Viola and Pianissimo?! UGH. Gorgeous. And I was at a Chante counter today and finally played with Sel – I definitely need it =) *sigh*

  • Sabrina says:

    >Those liners are gorgeous! Unfortunately I cannot apply liquid liner at all :( I need to check out that lip chic.

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