Look at my Nails! Zoya Edtya

I had a nail setback. I majorly broke one nail, and then I hated having just one short one, so I clipped them all. And as soon as I’d done that, I regretted it, because I really like them better with a bit of length.

Anyway, what’s making me feel better about the whole situation is Zoya Edtya. It’s blackened forest green with tiny gold sparkles, and it’s so dazzling in sunlight that it almost makes it hazardous to drive a car. A lady stopped me in the grocery store to ask what I was wearing.
Zoya, Edtya, swatches
Zoya, Edtya, swatches
Zoya, Edtya, swatches
Forgive the exhaustive photos — I wanted to catch every detail of the sparkle (and of course you can click to view the larger versions).

As with many micro-glitter polishes, the “color” comes off before the sparkle. With a relatively quick application of Zoya Remove, you can take off the green, leaving a layer of “old gold” behind. I briefly considered re-top-coating at this stage, but ultimately decided just to clean my nails off and start again.

Zoya nail polishes are $7 each, big-three free, available online (and sometimes in funny places like Whole Foods).

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8 Responses to “Look at my Nails! Zoya Edtya”

  • LRW says:

    oh,I like the shorter nails! you have long nail beds,so even short,they look long! can we say,jealous?!

  • ter says:

    Looks nice Karla! I just had the same thing happen to me ughhh. Have you had a hard time typing? At first I kept having lots of typos because it felt so strange. Here’s hoping our nails grow back fast!

  • Phyrra says:

    It’s a nice, unusual green. I do the same thing when my nails break, I clip them all off. I don’t even let them get that long to begin with, since they impede my typing and taking my contacts in and out.

  • Melissa W. says:

    That is a very lovely green! I always manage to break a nail in a horrible way whenever I get my nails to a decent length. I’m okay with short nails now. I’m trying to pretend like they’re extremely in vogue.

  • Mamavalveeta03 says:

    They look really good at that length–more modern, IMO. It doesn’t read as green, which I think is good!

  • Chiara says:

    Very pretty colour! In Italy we pay Zoya 14euro each polish, more than twice :-( ((

  • Eve says:

    I like your nails this length. Long nails can look gross if too long, especially fake nails.

  • Tricia says:

    I love the shape and length of your nails. I would have guessed you liked them better at the shorter length because they look so good. I have to have my nails this length for work/typing. Love the green. Thanks for posting pics so we can see.

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