Laura Mercier Fall 2011: Canyon

Laura Mercier, Canyon, fall 2011, promoI spotted Laura Mercier’s fall collection on the counter this past weekend, and the first thing I noticed was her outrageously gorgeous promotional image.

This collection might not scream “fall” as loudly as some brands, but I think it’s versatile and pretty. It’s just fall enough to feel fresh, but it’s still wearable the rest of the year. (I don’t actually change my color choices much with the seasons. I seem to wear more brown eyeshadow in summer; more grey in winter.)

Let’s start with the eyes. Chocolate (limited edition) is a Lustre formula — the only non-Sateen of the group. It’s a purple-brown shimmer with gold multicolored sparkles. Stellar (a repromote from the permanent line) is a soft, satin-finish, warm pink-white. Canyon Clay (limited edition) is a satin-finish, warm, muted/dusty clay-pink. Pine Bronze (limited edition) is a satin-finish, muted, mossy, forest green. Gold Dust (a repromote from the permanent line) is a shimmery, very pale yellow gold. Cedar (limited edition) is a satin-finish, warm, leathery yellow-brown. Laura Mercier shadows are $22 each.
Laura Mercier, fall 2011, Canyon, swatches, Chocolate, Stellar, Canyon Clay, Pine Bronze, Gold Dust, Cedar, Antique Jade, Brown Copper, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
These two eye kohl pencils are repromotes (I swatched them ages ago), but it’s worth remembering how nice they are for the inner rim of the eye. Antique Jade is sheeny dark green. Brown Copper is sheeny dark, warm brown. Each is $19.

Laura Mercier, Canyon, fall 2011, Canyon Sunset Cheek MelangeThe Canyon Sunset Cheek Melange is a three-color blush. The photos online were a bit confusing, so I took a picture of the used tester next to a new product (click to view at full size). There’s just a very small amount of gold and shimmery magenta overspray, but the three colors go all the way through the product.

I swatched it, first lightly, then heavily, rubbing my triangle sponge through all three colors. I was surprised how light and pink the mixture turned out to be (multicolored or variegated blushes always comes as a surprise to me). The blend was a warm, pale pink with a slight glow (no shimmer or frost, no sparkle, but not matte). Canyon Sunset is $40.
Laura Mercier, fall 2011, Canyon, Canyon Sunset Cheek Melange, swatches, blush, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The lips are actually my favorite part of this collection — it feels so novel to have a range of options that still meet the definition of “fall.”
Laura Mercier, fall 2011, Canyon, swatches, Creme Lip Color, Bing Cherry, Italian Summer, Espresso, Discretion, Lip Glace, Desert Rose, Mauve Plum, Quartz, Brick, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Laura Mercier, Canyon, fall 2011, displayThe first four lipsticks are Creme Lip Colors ($22). Bing Cherry is a deep crimson, and though it’s new, it’s NOT limited edition. My favorite (of course) is Italian Summer — which isn’t actually a new shade. It’s permanent to the collection, but I’m so glad Laura decided to rehighlight it. It’s a desert-canyon-coral-rose (deeper, brown-ish, muted, very warm red). Espresso is new, and will also be added to the collection. It’s a rose/purple brown. Discretion is another repromote, a light, warm pink-beige.

The four glosses are Lip Glaces ($22, pigmented, doe’s foot applicator). Desert Rose (new, permanent) is a mauvey rose. Mauve Plum (new, permanent) is a dusty plum. Quartz (new, permanent) is a warm, dark brown (like reddish chocolate) with gold multicolored sparkles. Brick (new, limited edition — noooo!  Whyyyyy?) is a warm brick rose.

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10 Responses to “Laura Mercier Fall 2011: Canyon”

  • valerie says:

    Aack! Italian Summer is gorgeous! Do these Creme Lip Colors have the same scent as other LM lip products?

  • Sondra says:

    Hi Karla,

    Thank you for ALL of this great information! Especially the Nordstrom anniversary sale. That must have taken a LOT of time.
    I’m so excited and I just have to tell you that Marcus Monson is coming to my Nordies Guerlain counter on Friday the 15th and I made an appt with him. After reading both your “Date with Marcus Monson” entries I am BEYOND aniticipation. *Hyperventilates*

    Thanks again!!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Valerie, I forgot to sniff! Are LM lipsticks usually scented?

    Sondra, I’m so excited for you! You are going to have the best time!

  • alice says:

    Thanks so much for the swatches Karla! I’m a huge LM fan but find it incredibly difficult to find swatches online, your website being the only exception. It would be so great if you could do a recap of LM eyeshadows! Stellar is a hidden gem by the way. I have never used anything alse as an inner corner or brow highlight since I started useing it.

  • alice says:

    hum, I meant “using”

  • Lori Jenkins says:

    Could I ask for some feedback on the texture of LM eyeshadows? I normally prefer BB, but she’s gotten so far away from her original shimmerwash (which I loved) with all the new shadow formulas. Are LM shadows soft? Blend well? thank you!

  • diann_co says:

    THANKS as usual!! I LOOOVE the e/s….I wish they were a palette instead of indivdual!1

  • Lexi says:

    Seriously, LM is becoming a sleeper hit for me. I have been wearing the tinted moisturizer/primers almost daily and I wear my Lip Glace in Ambre Rose when I want to throw on a gloss effortlessly.

    I need to pick up a few of her new Fall items.

  • NYCBELLE says:

    Thanks! Would you know what colors the right model is wearing??

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