Laura Mercier Tres Chic Collection

Laura Mercier, Tres Chic, display, 2012Laura Mercier has a little lips-and-nails collection out on counters right now — one of those smaller releases that falls between spring and summer. I am trying (and mostly failing) to remain calm and rational about it.

Last summer, Laura introduced a new (but limited edition) formula of lipstick called Gel Lip Colour. I confess, I missed these on their first release. Those 2011 shades were Clementine, Rosette, Dollface, Sweet Cherry, Hibiscus Bloom, and Berry Sorbet.

This year, the Gel Lip Colors are making a second appearance, and Clementine, Rosette, and Orchid are joined by newcomers Poppy and Orchid.

The Gel Lipsticks feel fantastic going on. They have a wonderful “gel”-ish, cushiony feel — very much like Chantecaille’s Lip Chics.

The coverage is sheer, almost stain-y looking, with a very soft shine. They don’t last long (a common criticism of sheer lipsticks), though they do leave some color behind even after the lipstick is gone. I’ve tried on Poppy, which has a vanilla scent. These lipsticks are $22 each, and are again limited edition.
Laura Mercier, Tres Chic, swatches, Gel Lip Color, Gel Lipstick, Clementine, Poppy, Dollface, Rosette, Orchid, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Even though I may possess the world’s largest collection of sheer red-orange lipsticks, I lust after Clementine. It is sensational. Poppy is a red-violet pink. Dollface is the sheerest; a bubblegum pink. Rosette (my second-favorite) is a red-rose pink. Orchid is purplish pink with a very few pink/purple sparkles.

Poppy and Rosette are similar; Poppy is more violet/pink and Rosette is more red. Want to see them side-by-side? Okay.
Laura Mercier, Tres Chic, swatches, Gel Lip Color, Gel Lipstick, Clementine, Poppy, Dollface, Rosette, Orchid, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The collection also includes five limited edition nail polishes ($18 each). My fingertips long for Sizzle, a warm red — a flaming hot orange-red. I also love Cabana. This salmon-coral-rose is exactly what I want on my toes right now. Oh La La is the sheerest, a baby-girl, cake-frosting, pastel pink. Flamingo is bright, cool, Barbie pink. Luscious is bougainvillea red-violet pink/magenta. All accounts I’ve heard say these polishes are tough and extremely chip-resistant.
Laura Mercier, Tres Chic, nail polish, swatches, Sizzle, Cabana, Oh La La, Flamingo, Luscious, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
These products are available at any major department store (Nordstromicon, Neiman Marcusicon, Saks, etc. And Saks and Neiman Marcusicon are both in beauty week right now).

You can still buy Berry Sorbet, Hibiscus Bloom, and Sweet Cherry on Laura Mercier’s website (free shipping February 12 – 21st with code LMVFS12).

And Sephora is offering an extremely tempting gift set which includes an exclusive shade of Gel Lip Colour: Grapefruit.

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6 Responses to “Laura Mercier Tres Chic Collection”

  • Jessica says:

    I’d love to see a list (or swatches!) of those sheer orange-red lipsticks. I’m a fan myself.

  • Meredith says:

    Do you think the Clementine could be a dupe for Just Lips? I have mourned the loss of that color for years now!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I don’t think I’ve swatched Just Lips. :-/ Sorry I’m no help.

  • bisbee says:

    I absolutely LOVE these lipsticks! I have about 5 of the original colors – even ordered backups of 2 of them. Out of this group, I ordered Poppy, Clementine (which I think was from the first go round) and Orchid. Went back and ordered 2 more Orchids!

    They don’t last THAT long, but there is a slight stain left behind, as you said. Sweet Cherry was one of the first colors…one of my favorites of all time!

  • Jill says:

    I ran out and bought Rosette, I do love LM, but I recently boughty my first Chantecaille lip chic– and am hooked. (and their isnt a store that sells it within a 80 mile radius) Gel lip is similar to lip chic– its vanilla scented but lip chic is a little stronger, and LM Gel is lighter, less moisturizing, while lip chic feels heavier, balm like and more glossy. I like both, but am craving another lip chic.

  • Cory says:

    I am so in love with these lip colors and wish they would come out again! Could you please tell me which colors you think are comparable them in the Revlon lip butters and if the formula is similar? Most specifically i am curious which color the sweet tart is most like- the doll face or hibiscus (if either)? Also, have you tried the new Maybelline whispers?

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