Bobbi Brown

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I found the second part of Bobbi's holiday collection: a freestanding display (three eyeshadow palettes and a bunch    >>

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I struck the jackpot this weekend: Bobbi Brown's holiday collection, already out on display. Before I jump in,    >>

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Over the course of this project, I really fell in love with Bobbi Brown shadows, and I can't    >>

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Today: swatches of Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Cream Eyeshadows, the final component in her eyeshadow offering. (Hurrah!) Former    >>

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It seemed like a good time to wrap up the Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadows, so I could finally    >>

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Bobbi Brown is definitely stepping outside my comfort zone for fall. Her Black Velvet collection is smoky and    >>

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Today's swatches wrap up Bobbi Brown's Metallic eyeshadows, and conclude our look at Bobbi's powder shadows. The Metallic    >>

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Bobbi Brown's Metallic eyeshadows are, generally speaking, pigmented and a little more shimmery than her Shimmer Wash shadows.    >>

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With this post, you've now seen all of Bobbi's current, permanent Shimmer Wash eyeshadows (there are many fewer    >>

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I didn't know what to expect when I started swatching Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Wash eyeshadows, having had no    >>

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Today's post concludes one chapter of our look at Bobbi Brown's eyeshadows, and I have to say, it    >>

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We're 3/4 of the way through Bobbi's "regular" eyeshadows — the matte/satin shades that earn her "Eye Shadow"    >>

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I still can't believe it's taken me so long to "come around" to a brand with which I    >>

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Nordstrom is still in pre-sale for Anniversary (which starts July 16), and Bobbi Brown has put together a    >>

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As I embarked on my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow swatching quest, I found myself talking at length with former    >>