Givenchy Rouge Interdit

Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit lipstick is $26.50. These cream lipsticks are almost entirely sparkle-free, though I thought I detected a twinkle in Pink Whisper, Marron Glace, and Fatal Plum.

Rouge Interdit lipstick: Only Beige, Beige Champagne, Secret Pink, Racy Brown, Flirting Brown, Precious Rose, Mystic Pink, Pretty Rose, Ideal Fuchsia, Paradise Pink, Rose Desire, Sensual Rose, Tempting Coral, Fruity Orange, Gold Brown, Ardent Red, Rouge Cancan, Elegant Rouge, Black Plum, Illicit Raspberry, Vamp Pink, Seductive Rose, Fantasy Pink, Pink Whisper, Marron Glace, Fatal Plum, Delice Brown
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8 Responses to “Givenchy Rouge Interdit”

  • Valerie says:

    >Loverly swatches, as always. Something about Givenchy packaging irks my minimalist sensibilities… there’s always some little doo-dad hanging off the ends… wait, is it possible to have minimalist sensibilities and be slightly obsessed with makeup? ;-)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >You’re not alone! It’s a common complaint of the Rouge Interdit lipsticks. Anyway it’s no “click-click.”

  • jojoba says:

    >karla: i have always been interested in givenchy’slipstick as they look very cute and intense in the tubes.

    however, i am not sure how is the quality when applied. are they dry? that’s the biggest issue i have with major l/s. i want them soft and moisturising but many can’t do that.

    my experienece with givenchy hasn’t been good. it is a brand of packaging instead of quality IMO. (well, at least for the blush and e/s that i have tried.)

    but i heard different opinions on l/s. need your input!

    and thank you for swatches again!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I’m sorry to say that the Rouge Interdit testers were in pretty grotty condition, and I couldn’t bring myself to try them on my lips. However, I have tried Rouge Interdit Shine, and that was *excellent.* (Sun Shine was my favorite color.) Long-lasting and very, very nice. I’ll have to visit a different counter to try the Rouge Interdits.

  • Monica says:

    I’m impressed with Givenchy’s line of lipsticks. I have large lips so I have to be careful with color and texture of the lipstick. I have Fruity Orange and Secret Pink, both look good on my lips and it complements my tone well. I find the lipsticks to be very moist, but not like gloss. It’s also thin enough to look right, not like I’ve got a layer of lipcolor on. I highly recommend this product.

  • Hin Tây says:

    i really love Givenchy lipstick, moisture and long lasting , the colour is very real

  • Yogi says:

    I love Givenchy! I wonder why nobody talks about the brand.. Isnt the packaging the cutest? Just ordered 24 Pink Whisper because of your swatches! The don´t sell the brand near me so I had to order the cat in the bag..

  • Melysa says:

    well yes…i might say givency rouge interdit is the best lipstick i had.
    it is moist and glossy
    i just purchased it in seductive rose …
    nice color.
    givency is superb.
    sleek design.unique.vamp and edgy…
    the price is also reasonable.

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