Besame Lipstick

Special thanks to guest swatcher Rina, who knows everything there is to know about Besame lipstick. Besame lipsticks are normally $18 each, but through Sunday, August 10th (at 11:59 pm), they’re on sale on their website for $6 a pop. I’ve heard Besame is redesigning their packaging and the sale is an effort to clear old stock.

At .06 oz (1.8 g), Besame lipsticks are unusually dainty. (Rina also graciously provided us a side-by-side comparison with MAC lipstick.) They’re vanilla-scented, and, Rina reports, extremely pigmented.

Lipstick: Cherry Red, Gold Lame, Gold Lamé, Dusty Rose, Merlot, Wild Orchid, Portrait Pink, Exotic Pink, Besame Red, Carmine, Chocolate Kiss, Red Hot Red, Debutante Pink, Red Velvet, Noir Red, Coral, Champagne

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3 Responses to “Besame Lipstick”

  • jojoba says:

    >wow! don’t mind about the choices of colours or finishes… Look at the size of that Besame next to MAC!

    it’s like a GWP with LM’s price tag! grrrr

    thanks for another great post.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Ahh, I know. Pathologically, I’m never going to be able to wrap my head around paying any more than $6 for a Besame lipstick.

  • lindsay says:

    alot of people complain about the size of besame lipsticks, but they are so highly pigmented that you don’t need much at all. also, the packaging is beautiful and the little gold “bullets” are keeping with the retro theme. there is NOTHING on the market like besame-it’s totally glamourous and reminds me of something that lana turner or betty grable wouldv’e worn!

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