Tweezerman Lash Comb Follow-up

Dear KarlaSugar,

I got a Tweezerman lash comb, and it worked great at first… but the more I used it, the more dried mascara started clogging it up. The comb teeth are so close together — how am I supposed to clean them?

Great question! I ran into the same issue myself. But knowing (or believing) that Tweezerman would replace my $7 investment made me bold, and after extensive experimentation, I think I have an answer.

Having tried almost every solvent in my house, the best solution/method was pretty unexpected. The stuff that got my lash comb the cleanest? Hot water and toilet paper (and my method is purely mechanical rather than chemical).

First, you can clean some mascara off your comb immediately after using it (this will save you the trouble of having to clean it off later). Just fold a piece of two-ply around the tines, and wipe clean (you’re not trying to pull the tines out, and they’re pretty firmly attached. “Regular” wiping won’t hurt your comb).

Most mornings, I’m on the verge of being late for work, so I don’t necessarily have time to clean all my tools before I leave. But when I get home, I just run the tines of my lash comb under hot water — this loosens the dried mascara — and then I wipe again with the toilet paper.

By now, the “flat” of your lash comb (the sides) will be mascara-free, but there’s probably still some trapped between tines. Now comes the moment of genius. While the mascara is still “warm” from the hot water, insert the edge of a toilet paper square between the tines and then draw it out. It pulls the mascara out with it, leaving your comb completely clean and perfectly effective for tomorrow’s use.

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14 Responses to “Tweezerman Lash Comb Follow-up”

  • masa_inn says:

    >I would try floss. Toilet paper has a risk of tearing and clogging the device even more.

    PS: I love you blog.

  • Valerie says:

    >Good post! I’ve been having the same problem- I actually used dental floss the other day, which kind of worked, but then my lash comb smelled minty. I think I’ll try the toilet paper next time. :-)

    Also, I made fudge last night (with Ghirardelli chocoalte, yum!), and it came out much better than the disastrous pumpkin roll!

  • Valerie says:

    >Ummm, that’s chocolate, not ‘chocoalte’…I haven’t had coffee yet. :-)

  • Kathi says:

    I use floss from time to time =D My lash comb stays pretty clean as I wipe it after every use but from time to time some floss does the trick =D

  • Kimberly Tia says:

    >wow — just found your blog on a random snoop around and i just love your entries and swatches! u got a new fan =)

  • C says:

    >I have used baby wipes. Japonesque makeup cleanser spritzed on and wiped off dissolves everything.

  • Rebecca Deeb says:

    >Hand soap or makeup remover and a toothbrush has served me well with this exact comb.

  • J says:

    >A soft toothbrush and warm water has worked very well for me.

  • Sarah says:

    >I use an old mascara brush and warm water to clean out the tines.

  • Prinsesse Vil Ikke says:

    >I use an old tootbrush and regular liquid handwask to clean mine, and it works perfectly fine.

  • Rich and Kristi says:

    >Im on the toothbrush wagon, especially an old electic one (like a spin brush). Quick and efficent and you’re recycling an old toothbrush!

  • halocom says:

    >I use waterproof mascara, so I put a drop of water-soluble cleansing oil on my lash comb at the beginning of my weekly brush washing routine. At the end, when I only have my brow spoolie left to clean, I rub the lash comb with it and rinse everything off with warm water.

    At first, I was worried the cleansing oil might loosen the metal tines, but it’s worked wonderfully for years!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Dental floss! You people are brilliant! Valerie, I will make sure not to use the mint-waxed kind (thanks for the heads-up). I’m skeptical about the toothbrush, but I’ll try anything once. :)

  • dsnypxi says:

    >i’m a toothbrush user too, but i buy a cheeeeeeaaaap one just for that purpose

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