Benefit Boxed Blush (and Bronzers)

Benefit just released new peach-pink blush Coralista, so it seemed like the perfect time to look at their collection of boxed blushes (and bronzers).

Benefit’s seven “boxes” are $28 each (0.40 oz). The blush itself is a square pan in a stiff cardboard box — each decorated in theme. Coralista is the most pigmented, a shimmery peach-pink combination that I find so hard to resist. Georgia is a very light beige-peach. Does anyone use this as a blush, or is it more of a highlight? Dandelion is also pinky-peach, and would have been my favorite if not for Coralista. Both Georgia and Dandelion have a gentle glisten to them. And Thrrrob — which made such a splash with its racy name and corset-decorated box — it’s very pale, matte, cool pink. Really? This is what sex-in-blush-form looks like?

Dallas is a reddish brown, and might be usable as either blush or bronzer, if you like that slightly sunburned look. Hoola is totally matte, a yellow-brown that reminded me of NARS Zen. 10 is a shimmery highlight/bronzer duo, the two powders touching in the box. I think the idea is that you swipe your brush once across the top, then once across your cheek, simultaneously highlighting and bronzing, instantly contouring. I tried that (on the left): one swipe in the box, one swipe on my arm. Then I used sponge-tipped eyeshadow applicators to swatch more heavily (on the right), to better show the pale pink and orangey bronze.
Benefit Boxed Blush: Coralista, Georgia, Dandelion, Thrrrob, Throb, Dallas, Hoola, Hula, 10, Ten

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16 Responses to “Benefit Boxed Blush (and Bronzers)”

  • verybecca says:

    >Your arm is lovely today – I’m wearing Coralista (again!) today. xoxo.

  • Ms. Katee/e-polishblog says:

    >Coralista looks great!! I’ll definitely check it out.

  • Tracy says:

    >I was just thinking last week how I’d love to see swatches of all the Benefit boxed powders. Then I went into the store and checked them out myself!

    For those comparing Orgasm to Coralista, Orgasm is more peachy while Coralista is pinker, like Deep Throat.

  • peachgirl says:

    >I was terribly disappointed after trying Dandelion; this was the “blush” that was raved over in magazines and reportedly a celebrity bauety secret…
    On me it’s a chalky powder; piggy-pink and extremely unflattering.

    The only other product I’d consider is Georgia, but as a highlighter/powder, not a blush.

    Packaging is ridiculous; very travel-unfriendly and vulnerable to liquid/humidity.

  • Krasey Beauty says:

    >Hey Karla!
    Krasevayadancer from specktra here. I must say, i am a huge fan of your blog! I just added you to my blogroll and I hope you will take the time to do the same.

    LOVE your swatches!

  • Roxy says:

    >I adore Thrrrob! Believe it or not I wear it almost everyday – I just love that fresh pink color. I’ll mix it sometimes with other blushes if I need a little more color, but it’s always in my bag! xo

  • jojoba says:

    >say no more. I need Coralista already!!!

  • Mimi says:

    >Thank you SO much! I’m a huge fan of Benefit (i have dandelion and 10… and most other benefit products)

    Its about time i saw some benefit on here!

    Thanks again for everything you do on your blog!

  • Angeline says:

    >thanks for the swatch! i always thought thrrob might be more pigmented than dandelion and worth my attn but from the swatch.. NOT.
    Dandelion shows up very white/faint on me. guess i’m too tan.

  • Elle Y. says:

    >Hey Karla! My Nars blush Orgasm arrived today and it is so amazing! Thank you for your swatch. BTW, have you guys heard of the new lipstick line of Shiseido? Any ideas? I am pretty interested but it seems that Sephora has not got them yet.

  • Food, she thought. says:

    >Hmm. I adore Dandelion (I use it when tired for a lift) and 10 is my HG bronzer. I am now tempted by Coralista!

  • 2sheds says:

    >Thanks for the great swatches, Karla! I’ll have to give Coralista and Dallas (and maybe Hoola, too) a closer look.

  • beauty parler says:

    >I’m not a huge fan of Benefit but there are the very few products of which I love. I guess you can say its a “love/hate relationship” LOL. But HOOLA is one of my favourite bronzers.

  • queenisabelle29 says:

    >Thrrrob is great pink blush for a girl with superpale skin. i only bought it for the name and packaging but ended up really liking it.

  • Citrine says:

    >Ha, sex in a box….Thrrrob is my very first benefit powder brush and it looks pretty nice on my cool based pale skin actually…it’s adds a bit of innocence flush and some transparency on my face, I haven;t try it on my arm yet…

    I ordered coralista as well, I am still waiting for it…

  • opredeleno says:

    >Dear Karla, please share, does Georgia have shimmer or it's matte? I can't judge from the pic, while Coralista it's visible that it's very shimmery.

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