Clinique Fresh Bloom Eyeshadows

I mentioned yesterday that Clinique and Laura Mercier have both chosen a “fresh and innocent” direction for spring. Of Clinique’s spring offering, I was most interested in the limited edition Fresh Bloom Eyeshadows.

These shadows have two different colored powders in a flower pattern (not overspray; the difference appears to go right to the bottom of the pan) — but they’re meant to be used together. There’s no appreciable difference between the two shades, so you can dab your brush wherever it happens to fall. The pigmentation is soft, and very softly luminous. My favorite was Maple Blossom, a grey taupe with definite purple undertones (it reminded me a bit of MAC’s Remotely Grey — anyone with me on that?).

Once I had these four shadows all lined up, I realized how much they reminded me of Guerlain’s spring palette: Exotic Paradise. The shades are softer, certainly, and you can pick individual shades. These shadows are $16.50 each.
Clinique First Blush: Maple Blossom, Tiger Lily, Cherry Blossom, Apple Blossom

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4 Responses to “Clinique Fresh Bloom Eyeshadows”

  • verybecca says:

    >I have Maple and it’s so fantastic. Thanks for posting! *wonders if I need Tiger Lily*

  • happy says:

    >Oh my gosh! They really do look like the Guerlain palette when you line them up like that. I didn’t even notice that when I was at the counter. I picked up Cherry Blossom and Maple Blossom. I was quite tempted by Apple Blossom but figured it would be too light for me

  • Thepunkcat says:

    I’ve nominated you for an award! Can you please check my blog for more info?^-^
    I love Cherry Blossom, but I’m thinking that maybe it’s too cool… Do you think that it would work with warmer skin tones?

  • wannabelyn says:

    >it looks gorgeous in the pan especially with the flower detail but the colours look so boring :(

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