Beaute Liqui-Gel Stains

Well, my personal search for a lipstain is over: Beaute Liqui-Gel Stains (for cheek and lips) are utterly fantastic.

These stains come in four shades: red (Fever), berry (Harlot), bright cool pink (Fluoron), and orange (Neon). They are $29 CAD — which is about $23 USD at the moment. The stains smell like roses when you first apply them (rose essence is one of the ingredients), but the scent quickly fades. Most importantly, these pass my Chapstick test (once they’re completely dry, I can freely smear Chapstick on top of them, without transferring any pigment to the Chapstick. I’m sure this goes for lipgloss too). CoverGirl lipstain markers failed this test.

My favorite lip shade is Harlot. Fever (applied heavily) gave me a very Snow White appearance — the stain also lasted 26 hours. My brilliant friend (and lip twin) LuckiestLiz said she applied just a bit of Fever to her lips and sheered it out for a less dramatic red stain… I wish I’d thought of that. I could probably have achieved that attractive, 20-hours-later color without the wait.
Though I was personally looking for a lipstain, I felt obligated (for science!) to try these on my cheeks too. This was my first attempt at a cheekstain, and it was honestly a heart-pounding experience. My cheeks tend to redden when I touch or rub them anyway, so applying a stain and blending with fingers sounded something like “oh no! oh no! It’s too much! Get it off!”

These are pigmented products, but that’s not to say you can’t apply them sheerly (even very sheerly). Because they are a gel formula, you have some time to work. Excess gel can be soaked up by fingers, palm, or you can press a square of toilet paper to your damp cheek. (And two or three washings will get the pigment off your fingers.) What I realized afterwards was that I could have started with just a bit, blended, and added more if necessary, rather than applying the full dollop of stain to my cheek all in one go. If you really do apply too much, you can put foundation on top of it to tone that color down.

All that said, Fever made an amazing blush. Makeup buff Sara13 also observed that (unlike some cheeks stains), there’s no stickiness to these.

Click here to jump straight to the Liqui-Gel Stains at Beaute’s website.
Or look back through previous Beaute posts for swatches of the glosses.
Best of all, use discount code karlasugar to get 20% off your online purchase until March 31. Happy shopping!

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15 Responses to “Beaute Liqui-Gel Stains”

  • styrch says:

    >Awesome! This has me very curious. I may have to try one. Thanks Karla!

  • Jaime W(e) says:

    >I ordered the stain in harlot and the gloss in paramour – so excited! I love Ghost.

  • Steve says:

    >Do they bleed into lip lines at all? I realllly want to find a good stain too. HATE reapplying lip stuff! Plus I like to kiss my daughter and husband without getting gunk all over them!

  • shmoopy says:

    >Yay! Thanks for posting these swatches! I’ve been curious about these!

  • Halifax says:

    >This is exciting, as the brand is from Canada. However, their tems and conditions section said the price is in USD. If anybody has ordered, please tell me whether it’s true. Thanks


  • Sara in Seattle says:

    >awesome! thanks so much for the discount code. Now I can order more colors AND best of all, my mom wanted a set when she saw mine so I can pick up a Mother’s Day gift :)

  • Catherine says:

    >These are absolutely gorgeous! I am almost sold by your positively glowing review. And the discount makes it even better! I’ll have to think about which color I want now… they all look so pretty it’s gonna be hard to decide!

  • asiyakei says:

    >I just put an order in for 2 glosses and one of the cheek stains, and it was in CAD.

  • Kelly says:

    >ooo, they have a set with a stain AND a gloss… might have to make a purchase!

  • Carrie B says:

    >Yay, I ordered the set with Flouron stain and Girlie Show gloss. Can’t wait, I love stains and it looks perfect.

    And yeah, Halifax, it was in CAD, so when I paid with Paypal, it ended up being $34.70 USD with shipping after the discount.

  • jojoba says:

    >oh man, do i need these? so beautiful!

  • Thepunkcat says:

    >Fluoron looks like a very unique shade of stain! Thanks for the swatches ♥

  • sum0v0 says:

    >Hello! Do you mind doing a swatch of MAC well defined studio sculpt foundation?

    Thanks in advance!

  • MJ says:

    Hi Karla,
    Thanks so much for reviewing these lipstains, they’re great! These are the ONLY way I’ve been able to wear red lipstick again at my age, I dab it on lightly, and sheer it out with a brush, and you absolutely can put lip balm over it!! When I wake up in the morning there’s still a trace of it left on my lips, AMAZING STUFF!!

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