Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow

Cream eyeshadow is still a novel product for me (I only just got the hang of powder eyeshadow). But with the encouragement of my makeup-loving compatriots, I’m branching out!

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Eyeshadows are $15, with a doe’s foot applicator and a somewhat unwieldy name (meant to evoke a dab-n-go application, I guess). These shadows can be applied sheerly (even very sheerly, by dabbing product onto your fingertips and applying) or more heavily, using a brush or the doe’s foot applicator. I also think they’re meant to replace Clinique’s Touch Tint for Eyes, which were cream eyeshadows that came in a squeeze-tube.

Sparkling Nude is a rose-champagne. Cocoa Shimmer is very warm (cocoa) brown. Sunlit Palm is a bright, mossy green (less olive than Sumptuous Olive). Lucky Penny is a rose-copper. Rock Violet is lilac. Starlit Pink is cotton-candy pink. Truffle is a cool, grey- or taupey-brown; Muffin is its warm counterpart (with just a hint of red). Sea Shell is more beige/nude (less pink) than Sparkling Nude, though the two are similar. All shades are sparkly.
Clinique Cream Eyeshadow: Sparkling Nude, Cocoa Shimmer, Sunlit Palm, Lucky Penny, Rock Violet, Starlit Pink, Truffle, Muffin, Sea Shell, Seashell

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7 Responses to “Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow”

  • styrch says:

    >Hey Karla, what did you think of these compared to the Laura Mercier (sp?) ones you swatched a while back?

  • The Mighty J says:

    >I think I have tried something with a doe’s foot applicator before but I don’t recall the brand. I found that without any primer, on my slightly oily eye lids they don’t go on evenly and tended to go all over the place. I have been kinda liking some Clinique stuff recently so maybe I will try this on next time I am at Sephora ,esp. that Rock Voilet.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >All I can say for sure is that the finish is totally different — Clinique is sparkly (and sort of sheer); LM ones are metallic or matte (and it seems like they’re more heavily pigmented). I haven’t tried the LM ones on my lids.

  • Jillian H. says:

    >I bought the Starlit Pink today because of these swatches! So pretty! I haven’t got to try it yet, but thank you for these!

  • madison817 says:

    >wow these look great! do you think they’re creaseless?

  • Sarah says:

    >Very pretty! I’ve been really curious about these but I don’t use anything from Clinique and always forget to go by the counter, so this is so helpful :)

  • Pam says:

    I have to use cream shadows as I have eye sensitivity to the talc in most powder shadows. I have several of these and they are pretty colors but don’t go on that well-they are pretty sheer and you have to build them up a bit. I also find that they go on slippery and tend to fade quickly by mid-day. I like the application idea, but the applicator doesn’t really work so I rub the product on my hand and use a brush or my fingers to apply. I like Clinique’s Touch Base better as a creme shadow but the shades are very limited.

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