A Critical Hair Update: John Frieda Spiral Style

Exciting news, readers. You may recall about a year ago I felt compelled to share with you my discovery of the excellent GHD Sea Spray for Matte Waves.

In case you missed the review and find yourself in the same situation, I have fine, curly hair, which, as the seasons change, alternates between a tendency to fall flat and extreme frizziness. I had really turned a corner with GHD’s Sea Spray, a soft-hold spray that boosted curl definition without becoming crunchy or tacky. I only lamented that the stuff was $24 a bottle (it has since come down in price to $18), and at the time, there seemed to be no drugstore alternative.

Well, another milestone has been reached. I recently saw an ad in Marie Claire for a new John Frieda product called Spiral Style. My prayers have been answered. Spiral Style is ~$6 a bottle, and it’s a good alternative to the Sea Spray.

Spiral Style is described as a soft-hold spray gel and it’s a little more potent than the GHD, which is significantly more effective than John Frieda’s previous offering, Dream Curls.

The two products work slightly differently. I had been applying the GHD to semi-damp hair; Spiral Style seems to work best when applied to dry hair. Spiral Style also has a far less satisfying sprayer. Each spritz dispenses a tiny amount, which means there’s a lot of spritzing, even for short hairstyles. (If you’re switching from one product to the other, there may be an adjustment period.)

To use this product, I wash, air-dry to shapeless, fluffy ridiculousness, flip my hair over, and begin spraying from the back to the front. Voila! Instant curls and volume. The bottle claims to work its magic for 24 hours — in high humidity, I can keep it going for 48 without reapplying.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to makeup swatches; I just wanted to keep you on top of my fabulous product discoveries.

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6 Responses to “A Critical Hair Update: John Frieda Spiral Style”

  • em says:

    >this excites me! I'm going to go and see if these products are available here tomorrow. thanks!

  • Jessica says:

    >I'm gonna check this out- right now my go to is TiGi Catwalk Fast Fixx- it's actually a spray leave-in conditioner, but it is also great for smoothing and enhancing waves!

  • Mimi says:

    >My hair is thick/coarse and Wavy… (more wavy in the back than in the front) think it would work for me?

  • Proximity says:

    >I'd refill the GHD bottle with the other when it's gone … but I do that sort of thing all the time … I have a bottle of "toner" on my bathroom counter that's actually just tea tree oil and filtered water :)

    I really hate sub-par packaging, whether it's flimsy, doesn't work well enough, or it's just plain ugly. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what it says on the bottle, it matters that I know what's in it, and that it works well :)

  • Grace London says:

    >Why did John Frieda ever discontinue the beach waves spray? That was brilliant.

  • Carrie says:

    >I saw this at Target, packaged with a sample size of Extra-Strength Serum. It said to use them together. I'm still experimenting with the right amount of serum, but yes, I'm really glad you recommended this. I've been fairly pleased so far.

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