Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 3

It’s day 3 of Stars Makeup Haven week at TNBTTGSY! Stars Makeup Haven got its start selling 1″ (26mm) empty pans (the same size as MAC eyeshadow pans), thin magnets, and palettes — everything you would need to press your own loose eyeshadow. Now they’ve launched their own brand of cosmetics, and you have 50 new shades of incredibly soft, dangerously pigmented shadows to play with. They’re $4.95 each, BUT this week you can take 15% off your entire order (no minimum!) with the code karlasugar.
Stars Makeup Haven, SMH, eyeshadow, swatches, Limelight, Regal, Fresh, Evergreen, Mermaid, Mint Julep, Glam, Powder Room, Parakeet, Something BlueLimelight is a sheeny apple green. Regal is a shimmery forest green. Fresh is like shimmery astroturf, with a slight green/yellow duochrome. Evergreen is a matte shade the color of a composite tennis court (blued green). Mermaid is a shimmery, steely green-blue (a very fishy mermaid). Mint Julep is — rather surprisingly — a high sheen ice blue. Glam is a satin finish, and reminds me of Cinderella’s dress in the Disney cartoon. Powder Room is a bright, high shimmer shade the color of Alexis Bledel’s eyes in Sin City. Parakeet is a bright, shimmery, reflective lagoon blue. Something Blue is matte… copper sulfate blue?

About the contest. I now have more eyeshadow than I know what to do with, so every day this week I’m going to give away a pair of shades from that day’s swatches — this means (unfortunately), that your prize shadows have been swatched. Sorry about that. Today’s prize is Mermaid and Mint Julep.

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44 Responses to “Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 3”

  • Amy says:

    >Wow, now these are absolutely beautiful! The due your are giving away to day might be the best yet… but, who knows what tomorrow might bring! Thanks as always!

  • becka says:

    >Wow! I love Mermaid! And Parakeet! I'm enjoying this week's theme :)

  • Cassie says:

    >I still can't get over how pigmented these are!

  • Ariel and Ying says:

    >I love all the blue shades. They look so pretty

  • Nina says:

    >Yes, Glam does remind me of Cinderella's dress! These colors are so amazing, my favorites for this set are Mermaid and Parakeet.

  • KateM says:

    >Mermaid is very pretty, something I'd love to try but have been afraid of. At these prices (or free from a win) I just might give it a whirl!

  • PlatinumV says:

    >Darling, each day a swatch better than the day before. I love these colours (thank you for the comment about the delivery in UK… I am going to check if they are selling also in Italy) but still I have to ask you: why, even if I follow the same technique as yours, I cannot obtain the same brightness and coverage of your swatches? Please, teach me! :_(

  • PlatinumV says:

    >By the way, I was forgetting… in the future, is it possible you would post a swatch of Illamasqua products?
    I've ordered some eyeshadows, a lipgloss and a nail enamel, but they are so full of colours that I am tempted of buying everything :-P

  • jocelyn says:

    >Wow Karla, I love the color of mermaid, it looks beautiful! Thanks so much for all the effort you take to swatch and post pictures. You have helped me so much when it comes to decided what products I want! Thanks!!

  • Bluebell says:

    >These are very beautiful shades, I hope to win :) .

  • ...ALLmEYEne... says:

    >I'm wondering if these shadows are easy to apply or if you get a lot of all out. Mermaid looks amazing and the blues are very vibrant. Thanks for swatching.

  • Mehendi Girl says:

    >Kayvid: I'm amazed each day by these! And do you really get a lotta ads regardfing tourism in India? LOL! :-)

  • Prestige Products says:

    >Metro, Mimosa and Guilty As Sin look fabulous… I'm sooo tempted to click on their site, but am working right now and this was part of my lunch break. ;) Thanks for your fab posts and swatching!

    btw, how many tourist ads do you get for India?!

  • Nykie says:

    >Oh no, i'm being tempted again! =Peers at pretty swatches through gaps in fingers=

    But seriously, at these prices, its really worth getting these, they look so pigmented! <333

    And yeah… Do you often get spam from India, or is that an analogy? I always get these weird calls from China though. STALKERS (See: Telemarketers)

  • Anna says:

    >mermaid is stunning! it looks like a shade from a stila trio from a few years back but less green. pretty pansy.

  • Jennifer says:

    >Stunning! WOW! Those look like they have incredible color payoff. Thanks again, as always, for swatching these!

  • -Emma. says:

    >I think I may get some of these for my younger sisters birthday. She would love these bright colours! x

  • Y says:

    >So far, I've been so obsessed with all the colors~ I am definately heading to Starsmakeupheaven to pick up all these shadows!

  • Lisa says:

    >You are truly an angel for doing all these crisp, clear swatches of products for all of us girlies who love makeup!

    I'd love to have Mermaid for my mom; she'd love it!

    And why do you think they'd name an ice blue color "Mint Julep"? Does it have even the teeniest drop of green in it?

  • Lily M. says:

    >Super gorgeous swatches! I saw these on Ren's blog (Makeup by RenRen), and she was raving about them. Didn't expect them to actually have so much pigment though. :D

    Thank for swatching~ Won't be picking these up as of right now thanks to budget issues… but ONE DAY, perhaps

  • jbee says:

    >Lord love ya, Karla.
    And, just one lil question…
    How does anyone have too much eye shadow????

    These are truly unique & I look for ward to every days new swatches!

    Thank you forever!

  • OneGreatSmile says:

    >What's not to love? All these shades are GORGEOUS! Eyeshadows… the ultimate accessory!

  • Carrie says:

    >These are all really pretty. Fresh really jumps off the page at me.

  • invie says:

    >Ahh… after seeing all these swatches i hope they come up with even more colors. Thanks again for runing this contest!.

  • eenerkwak says:

    >wow mermaid looks like my favorite from the bunch :]
    thanks for the giveaway! :]

  • Kristina says:

    >Oh my gosh, I love Fresh and Parakeet! They're all pretty, though – definitely going to enter this one :)


  • nikki says:

    >Wow!! These eyeshadows are some GREAT colors. How do you find there lasting power to be? If they are good—I definitely need to get me some of these!!!!

  • Gen says:

    >I love how pigmented these shadows are. This bunch has to be my fave of all so far. Limelight, Mermaid, Glam and Powder room are too pretty. Thanks again Karla!

  • Onyx says:

    >Gorgeous! Mermaid is really unique looking, I'd love to try it. xXx

  • oh.roxy says:

    >your swatches are amazing! and i want to wiiiiin

  • Ariana says:

    >I've been eyeing Fresh ever since you've mentioned these shadows. Nice to know the texture looks fantastic, based on your pictures, too. So pretty! :)

  • vesperbeauty says:

    >Gorgeous blues and greens, and so pigmented!! Love it!

  • Nicole says:

    >Mermaid looks amazing! :)

  • cleung341 says:

    >The colors look so pigmented, especially loving mermaid. $4.95 is such a reasonable price!

  • Anne Mentta says:

    >OMG, I'm getting crazy about this colors! I looooove this colourful eyshadows, like limelight and parakeet. this mint jup you're giving away is really gorgeous too!

  • Sissi says:

    >I have to say that you always choose the best colors as prize shadows (yay!). Mermaid is truly beautiful!

    Thanks again, SMH and Karla.

  • Tiffany says:

    >These shadows are gorgeous! I've been loving the swatches all week, but today you've hit my favorite section of the rainbow. I'm already excited to see what you'll have tomorrow!

  • WENDE says:

    >Girl, you're killin' me! Those are so beautiful! Thanks again for the swatches!

  • Sher says:

    >these look amazingly pigemented and smooth! Ive heard so much about this brand and youre making me lem some!

  • kat-heel-well says:

    >Yes, please! These colors are gorgeous. I am a little sad I can't tell you about the beauty of India at this time of year, but rules is rules. :)

  • Jenn says:

    >oo this may be my favorite set yet =)

  • Irazca says:

    >powder room is gorgeous, i want that aww

  • Mellerson says:

    >So far, of your three 'arms' of swatches, this is my favorite, thus I'll be entering this time. Great swatching, keep it up!

  • Yauvanika Chopra says:

    >These colours are so unbelievably pretty! I like Mermaid and Limelight the most….I'm dying to get Mermaid!!!!

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