Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 5

Friday really crept up on me — and that means we’ve reached the end of Stars Makeup Haven week. Though I don’t usually post on Saturdays, tomorrow I’ll make a roundup post of these five pictures and put a link in Hot Topics (in the right-hand navigation) so you can find it easily later.

I also got a question yesterday about ingredients. Each shadow has its ingredients printed on the back. I haven’t been posting them because I thought that would make for the longest posts ever. If you need to know ingredients before making an order, email me and I’ll send you back the results.

And just in case you forgot, the code karlasugar at Stars Makeup Haven (15% off your order, no minimum) expires this Sunday, August 16.
Stars Makeup Haven, SMH, eyeshadow, swatches, VIPink, V.I.Pink, Starlet, Shimmerbrick, Showstopper, Wine Not, Wine Not?, Dominatrix, Cocoa, Frenzy, Warm & Fuzzy, Warm and Fuzzy, Plum CrazyV.I.Pink is a reflective, stargazer lily pink. Starlet is a satin-finish rose-mauve pink. Shimmerbrick is a shimmery, sparkly brick red. Showstopper is a matte, warm pink-purple brown. Wine Not? is a high-shimmer grape. Dominatrix is sheeny, darkly shimmery plum coffee. Cocoa is low-sparkle yellow brown, like milk chocolate. Frenzy reminded me of Urban Decay’s Underground liner in both sheen and color. Warm & Fuzzy is similar, but a little more yellow/golden. And Plum Crazy is a sheeny blue-purple.

About the contest. As you’ve read by now, I’ve been giving away a pair of shadows from each day’s post — this means (unfortunately), that your prize shadows have been swatched. Sorry about that. Since I hear we have a lot of purple-lovers, today’s prize is Wine Not? and Dominatrix.
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39 Responses to “Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 5”

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I'm not entering the contest, but I am leaving a comment. More neutrals, please! :)

  • KateM says:

    >Same, more neutrals!

  • Miss Molly says:

    >I really thought that there would be more purples.

  • Anne Mentta says:

    >Oh, Ive missed some matte eyeshadows. Specially, a matte brown eyeshadow.. I preffer the matte ones to do smokey eye and stuff like that, i think it gets more professional haha =)

  • OneGreatSmile says:

    >There seems to be a gap between very light glittery shades and then darker fashion shades,in that "Your Lids But Better" range…colors like MAC Ricepaper and Jest (warm and cool)… More mid tone neutrals are DEFINITELY lacking! And also some that aren't *quite* so shimmery.

  • HT says:

    >I think that both neutrals and purples were underrepresented. The one category that was filled to the brim, however, was blues! Geez!

    Beautiful shadows, though, and I think I'm going to make a purchase today. :)

  • PlatinumV says:

    >Wow, when I saw the picture I've said "Oh, I love "Wine not?" and "Dominatrix", they must be mine!!!" and then I've seen you are going to put just them in the contest. So, today I totally must win :lol: it's a destiny sign!

  • Tiffany says:

    >While there are a lot of blues and greens, what I thought was strange was that there wasn't a strong in-between, teal-type color. They all fell to either the green or the blue side. Mermaid seems to be the closest thing, although as you said, it's a steely color.

  • Y says:

    >I'm so surprised with the Plum Crazy color. It seems to be more blue than purple. That aside, it is a very pretty color! Thanks for the swatches!

  • javabeano says:

    >I have to agree and say neutrals and purples. The range of blues is pretty good and I wish they would have done something similar, ranging from purples to pinks. I also miss some brown matte e/s, most days I wear matte e/s to work :) These e/s are look pretty awesome though, I can't wait to try them :)

  • jbee says:

    >Put me in the purple line!
    Where o where are all the pretty purples & mauves????

    And, I do like these-from Showstopper down-I'll take one of each!!!

    Wine Not? & Dominatrix are great!
    Warm & Fuzzy & Frenzy & Plum Crazy all get me going!!!

    Okay, I'm ready. Send me my prize already!!!! lol lol

  • -Emma. says:

    >I agree with more neutrals!

  • Mehendi Girl says:

    >Kayvid: Loving the swatches today. Me want!

  • nikki says:

    >I would love to see more pinks and purples. I also would like to see colors that are similar to MAC Satin Taupe and Smoke & Diamonds. But I have to say that the colors they do have are great looking!

  • Onyx says:

    >I would have liked to have seen more wearable green colours, the greens they had were gorgeous but a bit bright. I guess more neutrals would have been great, lighter variations of Cashmere. Possibly matt finish shadows were underrepresented too? xXx

  • Nicole says:

    >I agree with a couple of the previous comments: more neutrals and mattes! It would be handy if they did some pre-made palettes with combination suggestions for less clued-in makeup users too! :)

  • effloresce says:

    >Definitely more true purples (the only true purple IMO is Wine Not) and cool toned neutrals are needed! Most of the neutrals are either highlighters or warm reddish browns. Taupes please ;)

  • Mary in Wonder says:

    >Umm I'd appreciate a real, deep black. No gold/brown/red undertones. Just plain black. And some peachy colors would be good too. And a baby pink! oww That'd be nice =D
    That all I'm missing hehe

  • Erin says:

    >I agree with Onyx, the greens they have a kind of bright. I'm not seeing any darker browns either, which is odd. That's definitely lacking. Talk about a blue overload!

  • Ariana says:

    >I would have liked a more yellowy chartreusy green. Like NYX Lime Juice or MAC Rated R or whatever other colors are like that. I've been looking for a nice lime chartreuse shadow. Also, I would have liked a more "true" red, not the fire enginey one, but just a true, lake dye red. lol.

    Neutrals are lovely though, too. I love shimmery light golden mink type colors. :D

  • Lily M. says:

    >This is my second favorite SMH swatch set (next to the greens.) VIPink, showstopper, and wine not? are enough to get me excited!

    It's funny you asked that, because yesterday when I was looking over the singles shades SMH offered, I was wondering where the rest of the purples went. SMH has got the requisite blinding blues, lime green, and neon-ish pink down, but no true royal purple. Heck, I'd have preferred it if thy had allocated some of the blues to the purples. Oh well… at least blue-lovers will have a blast.

    They've got most of the neutrals that I look for down, except I'd prefer if Cocoa was more matte. It looks short of shimmery in the image (or is it just me?). Wah, and they're missing bronzes!! I can't believe I just realized that. I live off bronze shades. :(

    P.S. I'm not sure if you've ever tried out NYX's e/s, but if you have, how would you compare these two brands pigmentation and lasting power wise?

    Thanks in advance :D

  • Nina says:

    >Overall I think that these eyeshadows would be a great way to start building one's collection. The way they photograph is truly amazing! Hope you could do tutorials with these. :)

  • cleung341 says:

    >Plum crazy looks gorgeous. These shadows are a steal!

  • ...ALLmEYEne... says:

    >SMH Colors are amazing. Wine Not looks like a standout color to me. It would pair well with anything or be a standalone color.

  • Gen says:

    >Look at all the pretty colors! Starlet, Wine Not? and Plum Crazy are gorgeous.

  • craftygoddess says:

    >I would love to see some matte neutrals. Isn't gray supposed to be in this fall? So like a matte dove gray/taupe/brown/pink. Those sound boring – but they'd complement some of the shimmery colors?

  • WENDE says:

    >The end?? But, where are all the purples and earthtones I was psychin' myself up for???:(

    and mattes?

    and opalescents?

    everything else was so vibrant and pretty… just had my hopes so high for a big purple and neutral finale:(

  • Julie says:

    >I would have liked more neutrals-especially true brown colors. The browns all seem to have another color in them, leaning towards gold, purple, etc.
    Thanks! :)

  • Lina says:

    >More purple would have been nice!

  • jocelyn says:

    >Hey Karla! I would have really liked to see more taupe colors. I felt there were a lot of warm brown colors but some cooler silver/brown would have been really nice.


  • CGirl says:

    >I, too, would love some more purples, especially some lighter shades. I would also like to see some more grays and more range in the greens. Can you tell what my favorite colors are :D ? Thanks for all the swatches!

  • Sissi says:

    >Off the top of my head I think the purple section of SMH shadows is gorgeous but can be improved by adding other shades. The same with the greens (I miss a darker olive pehaps with some gold). And neutrals and satins are never too much.

    Anyway, the collection is beautiful and I know it will be a huge success.


  • Catherine says:

    >I guess I feel the same way as most everyone else – I would have loved to see more variety in the purples and greens – especially the greens! They did such a fabulous job with the blues, but I feel like it's so hard to find a whole spectrum of greens anywhere and all the ones they offer are either extremely bright or very dark. I was also really surprised that there wasn't a real taupe or variety of taupes with different undertones.

  • Lisa says:

    >In answer to your question, Karla, I's like to see a very pale icy pink highlighter, a pink-gold shimmer, and a medium olive with gold shimmer :-)

    Otherwise, mostly all of the shades are very tempting to me! Thanks for posting the swatches!

  • Strictly Beautiful says:

    >i agree with most of the girls here… we need more purple and pinks… especially light pink and lilac.. and maybe they could do a matte and shimmer line for each colour to expand their range :)

  • Nykie says:

    >I pretty much share the same sentiments as everyone else, and i was hoping to see more neutrals (especially in different finishes), and more purples! Although Wine Not? and Dominatrix are GORGEOUS. And personally, i'd just like to see more pinks. Hehe.

    Still, i think that the SMH collection is a great start, and NO DOUBT they will continue to expand it, so i'll be waiting! XD

  • izumi says:

    >different/more greens and purples.. and neutrals too! those are the best colors (:

  • Jenn says:

    >I think purple is underrepresented. I wish they had softer greens too.

  • alannahb123 says:

    >I wish they had more matte shadows. Sometimes I think I'm one of very few girls who appreciate a matte eyeshadow. Shimmer seems to be the most common and most popular, but I think matte looks so much nicer.

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