Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Too Faced, Natural Eye, Neutral Eye, Palette, CollectionWhen I first caught sight of Too Faced’s Natural Eye Neutral Eye Collection (which I’ll call the Natural Eye Palette from now on), I was intrigued. I think it was being promoted on Sephora’s homepage, and online, it looked like a dream.

When my Sephora finally got stock and I was able to see it in person, I was surprised. The palette is much smaller than its picture makes it look. Maybe Too Faced connoisseurs knew what to expect.

The texture of the eyeshadows is fantastic: they are really soft and pigmented and excellent… But. (There had to be a but.) Silk Teddy, Push Up, and Honey Pot are too over-the-top frosty/shimmery for me. And Nude Beach has large, chunky, fallout-prone glitter. It’s enough to keep me from buying the palette.

The matte shadows (Heaven, Velvet Revolver, Sexpresso, Erotica, and even Cocoa Puff) are magnificent. Erotica is essentially the best shade in Lancome’s Nude Elegance quad. I really wish these came in a palette together.

The Natural Eye Palette is $34, available in stores and online.
Too Faced, Natural Eye, Neutral Eye, Palette, Collection, swatches, Heaven, Silk Teddy, Nude Beach, Velvet Revolver, Sexpresso, Push Up, Erotica, Honey Pot, Cocoa Puff

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14 Responses to “Too Faced Natural Eye Palette”

  • makeupmag says:

    >I love muddy colours. Now you've made me want to go down to Sephora asap!

  • Tiffany says:

    >Thanks for doing this! I had my eye on that palette but hadn't gotten the chance to check it out in person just yet. Too bad it's smaller than it appears to be online.

  • Joey says:

    >*sigh* if only this would have been a palette of satins and mattes =/ these colors are perfect but the few frosty/chunky ones kill it! I'd love Erotica as a single!

  • abigail says:

    >hi karla dear:
    i'm confused if you didn't buy the palette how come you have theses beautiful swatches on your arms?
    i also found silk teddy, honey pot, and push up toooo shimmery for my taste..
    and i always get disappointed with the size of makeup palettes… specially the cute ones!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hi Abigail!

    I make all my swatches using the testers at various makeup counters — I owe a big thanks to the makeup artists and sales associates at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Sephora! :)

  • KimKats says:

    >I agree with you Karla. If it hadn't been so OTT shimmery, I'd have walked out with it in a minute! If it had been satin and matte, it would have been mine…

  • *chari* says:

    >Nude beach was the one that killed it for me… I also thought that many of the colours were quite dupable, so I ended up getting the glorious metal-eyed liquid liners instead! lol

  • Jaime Leah says:

    >I really love push up but I hardly ever wear neutral shadows and I definitely don't have a use for 8 of them.

  • Miss Neesh says:

    >I quite like a bit of shimmer and frost so I might go check them out.

    Thanks for the great swatches as usual!

  • -Emma. says:

    >Ooh I hope this reaches the UK soon!

  • des23 says:

    how can i order honey pot

  • KarlaSugar says:

    des23, I don’t think Honey Pot is sold as a single, but it is in a duo (along with Cocoa Puff). Are you near a Sephora?

  • Aly says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you used a primer underneath the swatches to make them show up so vibrant? If so what one was it? Thanks so much!

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