Urban Decay Ink for Eyes

Urban Decay released a new cream liner for fall, called Ink for Eyes. But while the promotional photos were very cool, early reports have not been complimentary. Most users fault their lack of staying power (and most go on to say that the liner never sets).

The packaging of these worried me as soon as I saw it. Any cream product with such a large surface area is at high risk for drying out — and the case isn’t especially airtight. Perhaps creating the formula to work with the packaging has something to do with its failure to set in application? Pure speculation on my part.

Inks are $22 each, and, with the exception of Empire, all the shades are vegan. Pyrotechnics also isn’t opaque the way the other shades are — it’s almost like a glitter topcoat, but white instead of glitter.

Urban Decay, Ink for Eyes, cream liner, Pyrotechnics, Zero, Demolition, Binge, Empire, LoadedUrban Decay Ink for Eyes: Pyrotechnics, Zero, Demolition, Binge, Empire, Loaded
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11 Responses to “Urban Decay Ink for Eyes”

  • Robin says:

    >I was definitely disappointed when I tried these at Sephora. And I'm a fan of cream liners (like Smashbox's). They seemed really faint and wimpy. And like you, I found the packaging odd.

  • Kathy says:

    >I love your swatches, but want to ask how you swatched these to get such great color payoff; when I used these in the store, I used the angle brush that comes with the product, and the color comes out VERY faint. Very little color payoff.

    The colors are beautiful and vibrant in the pan, much like your swatches, but in my humble opinion, we would never get it to look that vibrant on our eyes, without extreme pressure and a stiff applicator – not too eye friendly.

    Urban Decay needs to FIRE the person who designs their product packaging. Between this, the primer potion bottles, and the ridiculous lipstick cases…come on!

  • Prime Beauty says:

    >Hmm, disappointing–the shades don't look very unique and combined with the lack of staying power, I'll skip them. Finally you saved me some money, Karla!

  • SB says:

    >Thanks for the swatches as always!
    I bought one,and as much as I love UD I wasn't impressed in the least.They are almost the consistency of grease paint-not even primer potion comes to the rescue.
    The packaging,however,is gorgeous.

  • Toni-muh says:

    >WOAH! Empire kills!!! Need it sooo much

  • Annika says:

    >I have Zero and Demolition and I totally love them. With the angled brush I get a really good color payoff, and I have had no drying whatsoever, the conistency hasn't changed a bit, it's so creamy! Don't know why this got bad reviews, it's the only cream eyeliner I use now. I think it hides "imperfections" of application really well.

  • Kristina says:

    >Karla, your arm is magic. I tried these in-store and hated them, and yet somehow you make them look amazing. At least your review has the necessary qualifying remarks ;-)

  • Tiffany says:

    >I've seen mixed reviews on this…most of them negative, but there are some people who totally love the stuff. I bought one during their 30% off event and it was okay, not quite as strong as your swatches but not as faint as other people experienced. While the packaging is pretty, I too was concerned about the large surface area. I'll keep using this one, but I doubt I'll buy it again, even though that Binge swatch looks pretty amazing.

  • Mitsu says:

    >The colours look pretty but in the swatches it looks almost like some of them are feathering out at the edges?

  • Thepunkcat says:

    >Binge looks very pretty, but I don't like the other shades at all. These had a lot of potential but came out a bit blah, IMO. Maybe they will launch more interesting shades?

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >i am so glad i waited for your swatches. i knew you would do it for us eventually. honestly, i nearly bought some without trying (as UD is not available here.) thank God I didn't…

    thanks for the swatches. I think I'd pass now.

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