Guest Swatcher: Edward Bess Jet Set Collection

I have a really fabulous surprise for you today, readers. I’m tag-teaming today’s post with the amazing Lina, swatch genius, makeup connoisseur, and author of The Beauty Lookbook. Head over to her blog today for some utterly drool-worthy product pictures (and a really excellent review) of Edward Bess’s Jet Set Collection.

Meanwhile, here at TNBTTGSY, I am posting her Jet Set swatches — Lina, it’s an honor.

Edward Bess, Jet Set, Island Escape Trio, Skylight, Warm Sand, Sunset Dune, Island Rose, Natural

When I saw Lina’s swatches of Island Rose, I asked how similar the color was to Guerlain’s Russian Doll liquid blush (click here for a swatch of Russian Doll). She didn’t have Russian Doll to compare, but she did make these comparison swatches with other cream blushes:

Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge, Raspberry, Pink Raspberry, Pale Pink, Edward Bess, Island Rose, Stila, Fuchsia, Convertible Color, swatches

She said, of the ones she had, Island Rose seemed most similar to Bobbi Brown’s Pink Raspberry, but slightly warmer and a bit more dewy. (Click here for more swatches of Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouges.)
Curious about Lina’s foundation shade? Check out this post.
And, if today’s exchange left you hungry for more swatches (this seems like a given), don’t miss Lina’s review of Edward Bess’s complete selection of eyeshadows. It will most likely turn you into a makeup shopping zombie.
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3 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Edward Bess Jet Set Collection”

  • Emily says:

    >I have this set and I love it. The item that impressed me the most was the island rose blush. I think its much better than pot rouge in terms of staying power and it also looks great on my lips. I hope E Bess comes out with more colors. Thanks for the joint post. I love both of your blogs.

  • Grace London says:

    >Gorgeous, just like Mr Bess himself ;) I love Lina's blog (and yours too, goes without saying!.)

  • sally says:

    I hate this set the colors don’t match and they are so dull! You would have better luck at the drug store and spend a lot less!

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