Edward Bess Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

I had a longish layover in NYC on my way back from India, so I deposited Mr. Salt in the fifth floor coffee shop of Bergdorf Goodman for some quality swatching time.  (It wasn’t nearly enough.  I have been TOTALLY bitten by the New York bug and cannot wait to go back, swatch more, and meet my ultra-fabulous NYC sisters-in-blogging.)

New York is unfairly well endowed when it comes to brand availability — nowhere else will you find Paul & Joe, Edward Bess, or Ellis Faas.  Bergdorf Goodman itself is also a New-York-only brand: the women’s store and the men’s store are across the street from one another (though anyone can shop online).

And Bergdorf Goodman itself is an experience. It just feels like an older building: the footprint is small for the square footage of the department store. The spaces are all quite narrow, like too much makeup, jewelry, handbags — too many counters — have been installed in an older building.  On the first floor (very posh jewelry and ultra designer handbags), I asked a sales clerk if they carried Rebecca Minkoff (which I’ve been wanting to see in person).  ”What is that?” he asked kindly.  ”Handbags,” I said.  ”Price point?”  Uhhhhh.  ”$300-$500?”  ”Fifth floor, if we have it,” he said.

Clearly I was not in Kansas anymore. (For the record, BG does not carry Rebecca Minkoff.)

Beauty is on the -1 floor, and I can’t think of a brand I didn’t see there. Their Chanel counter is GORGEOUS, but I was too shy to take a picture — that won’t happen again. Their fragrance offering is also amazing. But my first mission was to find Edward Bess.
Edward Bess, display
Edward Bess is a newish, smallish, eponymously named, boutique makeup brand. I didn’t have the good fortune to meet Mr. Bess, but I hear he’s usually at the counter in the evenings.

His line has been getting a lot of love from those who have tried it, and as a fan of neutral eyeshadow, I was definitely intrigued. The brand currently offers six shades of eyeshadow ($30 each), and two shades of waterproof, mechanical eyeliner ($29 each).
Edward Bess, swatches, eyeshadow, Nude, Intimate, Escape, Mystery, Dusk, Night, eyeliner, Deep Black, Deep Brown
Nude is a lovely light beige. Intimate is a wood brown, similar to Dusk (though Dusk is slightly darker and cooler).  Escape is fox-brown.  Mystery is a warm reddish wood — teak?  Night is a sheer black with no shimmer (the other shades all have a tiny, tiny, subtle bit of shimmer to them).

Edward Bess: Nude, Intimate, Escape, Mystery, Dusk, Night, Deep Black, Deep Brown

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8 Responses to “Edward Bess Eyeshadow and Eyeliner”

  • Amy says:

    Thank you Karla!!!! I can’t wait to see more of your posts–I’m crossing my fingers that you have swatches of the lip products that I’ve heard so much about!! :)

  • Lori Jenkins says:

    I can’t say it enough – you are great Karla! I love reading your posts and your swatches…I’m fairly obsessed with neutrals and you always give me something new to wish for!

    Thank you for all the time you spend doing this. I’m sure there are times when it must seem like an effort to swatch, photo, download, add text etc. Your efforts are so appreciated!

  • So lovely! We are finally getting EB here in the UK in June – roll on that day! I have also never succeeded in meeting the mysterious MrB..he was always ‘on his way’, ‘just left’ or ‘is usually here’!

  • Karla, I’m soooo jealous you got the see the counter IRL! I’m planning my EB haul later this month when Bergdorf’s has their gift card sale! Leaning toward Dusk & Intimate but I’m liking your swatch of Escape too. Love me some bronze!

  • priya says:

    thanx 4 the swatches

  • Sandy says:

    Thanks for the swatches Karla! I’ve never seen really good Bess swatches so these are much appreciated =)

  • lexi920 says:

    The first time I’ve visited BG was just last December. I told Mr.920 that I wanted to live in the beauty department. The lady at the EB counter was pretty cold to me – I still purchased my 2 products and then Caroline at the P&J counter made up for the earlier rudeness. She’s delightful and very very helpful!! I can’t wait to go back. Your swatches is making me want to place an order – still sad that I didn’t buy Intimate e/s!!

  • Wendy says:

    Oh please. Over hyped and over priced. Let’s stop taking advantage of the customer who loves makeup and has some money to throw around.

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