Still Pining for Dior’s Iridescent Leather?

In 2008, Dior released a frosty, warm, neutral eyeshadow quint called Iridescent Leather (swatches, more swatches). The palette was an instant hit, sold out quickly, and went on to attain improbable resale values on eBay.

For those of you still pining for Iridescent Leather, makeup sleuth Brelki says she may have found an alternative palette to quiet your craving: LORAC Snakecharmer.

Her review:

I got Iridescent Leather about a week ago, and every time I wore it, I’d think, “I’m sure I’ve seen these colors together before.” Yesterday, as I was going through my stash, I decided to wear my Snakechamer palette. After I applied my shadow, I realized how close it looked Iridescent Leather.

Obviously, there are only 4 eyeshadows in the LORAC palette, but that shimmery peach/nude 5th color in the quint can’t be too difficult to match.

Dior, Iridescent Leather, LORAC, Snakechamer

Here they are lightly swatched on my hand. You’ll notice #4 from the LORAC has some sparkles in it, rather than the Dior frostiness.

Dior, Iridescent Leather, LORAC, Snakecharmer, swatch

And here they are heavily swatched on my fingertips. Notice that the biggest difference is really the fourth color. In a heavy swatch, it’s much darker in the LORAC palette — something I actually prefer since I can build up that color more easily.

Dior, Iridescent Leather, LORAC, Snakecharmer, swatch
Also: Joeybunny suggested that, for completeness, I ought to mention that Iridescent Leather was just recently re-released in Asia… if you have a friend in Asia, or are planning on visiting soon.

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6 Responses to “Still Pining for Dior’s Iridescent Leather?”

  • WOW!!! This is amazing! I have Dior IR Leather and swear by it (and asked to sell mine often!) I am so happy you posted this. I always believe that we can find similar stuff somewhere else. Hugs!

  • LORAC Snake Charmer is one of my ALL time favorite palettes! It feels like it was made for me. It is very warm though so I personally don’t think cool tones can wear it. I also prefer it to IL because it’s not as frosty! It was half price on LORAC’s website in the sale section too!!

  • Molly says:

    Thanks for this! Snake Charmer palette is AWFUL on me, so I can now stop lusting after IL!

  • Eileen says:

    I think the operative word in this comparison is “similar”. Although the colors are close, the Diors appear to have a more luminous, pearlescent glow whereas the Lorac appear to have the standard iridescent frost. I think preference would just depend on what kind of a finished look you want. Personally, I think it would still be worth the effort to track down the real deal. (Thanks for the tip, Joeybunny!)

  • Evelyn says:

    Although it’s being re-released in asia; it’s a limited re-release :T

  • Anitacska says:

    I recently bought Iredescent Leather off eBay because I’d heard how great it was. It is pretty, but I don’t see what the hype is about. Luckily I only paid £26 incl. p&p which is actually over £10 less than the normal price for Dior quints (although it was very very lightly used). I’m happy because I got a good deal and it is pretty, but if I had paid much more than this I’d be a bit upset as I can;t see why it’s so special. (And no, don;t ask, I’m not selling it, lol.)

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