The Brushes of Walmart

I’d been hearing internet rumblings of fantastic-amazing new brushes at Walmart, and like Rikki Tikki Tavi, I felt compelled to run-and-find-out.

I knew that the new brushes were made by Paris Presents (the company that makes Ecotools). Other than that, I didn’t really know what to expect.

As a side note, it makes Walmart employees unhappy when you take pictures in their store. Discretion is the better part of valor.
Walmart, brushes, Paris Presents
These brushes don’t have a brand name. You’ll know them by their blue-and-white packaging, and the fact that they’re sold only in Walmart.

Another side note: hey, there are the Alicia Silverstone brush sets I’ve been looking for everywhere and not been able to find! (Bottom right corner)
Walmart, brushes, Paris Presents
Yet another side note: some of the brushes are hanging in the wrong place, and I didn’t notice ’til later. I managed to remove the Maybelline angled liner (hanging in front of the “blue label” angled liners), but I didn’t catch the blush brush sitting in front of some $1.98 retractable lip brushes. Just confirm the product name on the price sticker to be sure.
Walmart, Paris Presents, brushes
Once you take the cap off a refillable powder brush, how do you get it back on?  Also the bronzer brush is identical to the Ecotools bronzer, but the bristles are a little less soft, and you don’t get the “eco” materials. There was also a Walmart version of the Ecotools six-piece eye brush set.

For the most part, these brushes were not exceptional. They weren’t especially soft. Some of them had head-shapes that reminded me of MAC brushes… but many of those were double-ended, and I hate double-ended brushes (how do you store them?).
Walmart, brushes, Paris Presents
The exception to that is the “high definition” brushes (the ones with the two-tone bristles). These are REALLY soft. They smell a little funny when you take them out of the package, but I think that will fade after a wash and the chance to air out.
Walmart, Paris Presents, brushes
Walmart, Paris Presents, High Definition, brush, powder brush
Walmart, Paris Presents, High Definition, brush, powder brush
Walmart, Paris Presents, High Definition, brush, angled blush brush
Walmart, Paris Presents, High Definition, brush, angled blush brush

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23 Responses to “The Brushes of Walmart”

  • Erin says:

    I love my WalMart brushes! I’m not a fan of double ended either, but…

    I store my brushes in an ELF holder filled with airsoft BBs. I just pick the stiffer side and put that one in the BBs. I leave the fluffier end sticking out.

  • Mimi says:

    I have the bronzer brush and I absolutely love it- it’s a perfect dupe of the Sephora bronzer brush. I also purchased the skunk and would advise people to STAY away from it. It’s just awful- bleeds and sheds like crazy.

  • Rayanna says:

    I like the Angled blush brush! I wondering if they’re in Canada. Are the High Definition ones soft like Ecotools?

  • Sweet Tea says:

    I really like the look of the two-toned high def brushes. Especially, the angled blush brush. I see a trip to Wal-Mart in my future:)

  • Kylie says:

    When you pull the base of the refillable powder brush, the brush head goes into the brush and then you can put the cap on. Once it’s in the cap, you can push the base back into the brush. The brush, however, didn’t seem nice enough to buy though, so I gave it a pass.

  • Jocelyn says:

    I have the two-tone powder brush and I LOVE IT. I usually use it to put on powder, then blend out my concealer (after tapping on w/finger) and blush. If they made it flatter on the top, it could be a dupe for the Sephora HD 55. Seriously considering getting a backup.

  • Rai says:

    Those brushes are made by the same people who make EcoTools.

  • That powder brush just looks like it would be incredibly soft.

  • janet says:

    I got these (powder brush & angled brush) a few weeks ago and I’ve been so impressed! I keep meaning to go back and get another powder one. I haven’t tried any of the others like the stipling because I thought those looked harsher but maybe I will.

  • sharri says:

    Walmart just came to our town a month ago, but only have 2 or 3 brushes so far. Where do you get Ecotool brushes? I want the eye set.

  • Rayanna says:

    Would someone be able to pick the Angled blush brush up for me? The Walmart where I am in Canada doesn’t have these.

  • Leelee says:

    I just went to Target the other day to pick up a Sonia Kashuk flat top brush (which I adore already) but now that I know Walmart has brushes too I’ll have to stop by to check them out!

  • Mack says:

    I never seem to find goo brushes that don’t cost a mint. It’s exciting that there are ones from walmart that could actually be good :)

  • Lizzard says:

    ah lux brushes really are a treat, but as much as i love walmart i must admit, very little lux can be found there, just your basic essentials

  • floridaflamingo says:

    Walgreen’s is also selling a set that are reasonable. They come individually and in sets.

  • Mandy says:

    Am I crazy or does the HD powder brush kinda resemble the Sephora Platinum Airbrush #55… I think I better check it out!

  • Cayden says:

    i got the must-have brush set at walmart about 3 weeks ago, thinking they might work well or at least get the job done until i could buy some higher quality brushes… they SUCK! i was just using the eyeshadow brush, and i ended up with more bristles on my face then in my brush! they are all shedding like a dog, and it’s not because i don’t know how to use them, i am very gentle and careful with them, i think it is just because they are very low-quality and not worth the $6 i paid. sorry, but that is just how i felt about them and i will not be buying any more brushes from walmart in the future :(

  • M says:

    I have the Walmart kabuki-type brush and a large powder brush–the plain ones, not the high-defs–and I haven’t experienced any bristles falling out. I also very rarely have problems with my cheaper ones from Ulta falling out. I guess I’m just super lucky when it comes to brushes.

  • M says:

    @Cayden: It’s really wierd, but I’ve noticed that the brushes that come in multipacks never seem to be as good as the ones you buy individually–even in the same brand.

    (Sorry for the double post. Didn’t see the other comment until after I’d posted.)

  • Kristin says:

    I have the 11 pc studio brush set and love eveything in it except the powder brush. I has shed on me like crazy!?! Other than that, they’re pretty good. I wanna try the HD ones out! I’vve heard a lot of good things about them! I’m just getting into makeup ang I either wanna start buying these or EcoTools. :3

  • Kasia says:

    I have the “ultimate face kit” that I got in Buffalo (the best resolve for us Canadians) and it’s great. The brush I use most is the second to smallest one which is like a tapered foundation brush but softer than traditional (and taklon) ones; the brush is great for buffing in concealer, cleaning up under the eyes, and even applying a light coat of foundation. It’s fabulous with creme textures and washes well too.

    The other brushes are just as great. The angled face is great for loose/translucent powders and bronzer. It’s a bit large for blush/contour. Plus there’s a more traditional foundation brush and a “concealer” brush which I use for eyeshadow.

    Next to try from them is the powder brush, the deluxe eye kit, and the white goat hair brushes (like the white eye shadow brush in the 3rd pic).

    Definitely worth trying the duo-toned brushes; the ones with the purely black dyed hairs, they look a bit clunkier.

  • Lynn Miao says:

    Hi, Thanks for sharing the information. It’s helpful and so nice of you. I just want to watch out for you, because one of my classmates who was taking business class with me got into trouble because he was taking pictures in WALlMART and posting them online. We were asked to do a reaserch paper for that class. Please be careful. Thanks, you are so nice.

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