Tom Ford Lipstick

Tom Ford, lipstick, Private Blend Lip CollectionFashion designer, fragrance designer, fashion icon, provocateur Tom Ford is adding “lipstick designer” to his resume.

Tom’s Private Blend Lip Color Collection offers 12 shades, in three color groups. And Mr. Ford additionally recommends fragrance “pairings” (from his Private Blend Fragrance Collection) for each of the color groups. For Tom Ford devotees, what a way to immerse yourself in the Tom Ford experience.

The Private Blend lipsticks are $45 each, and will be sold in extremely limited distribution — only 30 stores in 14 countries (including certain locations of Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman in the U.S. — generally where you’ll find his perfumes).

Though the collection has already launched in Europe, the lipsticks are not for sale in the U.S. until June 1. Those stores which will be offering the lipsticks should have their testers in by now, and are most likely offering pre-sale. I heard reliable rumors that the lipsticks can be expected to be limited edition — these 12 will be released now, then (most likely) some will be discontinued, and other shades will be introduced. And knowing Mr. Ford, it’s probably the most popular shades that will be discontinued.
Tom Ford, swatches, Private Blend Lip Color Collection, lipstick, Vanilla Suede, Blush Nude, Warm Sable, Pink Dusk, Pure Pink, Ginger Fawn, True Coral, Cherry Lush, Smoke Red, Moroccan Rouge, Bruised Plum, Black Orchid
The Nude shades are Vanilla Suede (milky beige nude), Blush Nude (pale, slightly mauvey pink), Warm Sable (warmed, ever-so-slightly pinked leather), and Pink Dusk (a coolish everyday pink). The Nude fragrance pairings are White Musk, Musk Pure, Jasmine Musk, White Suede, Urban Musk, Eau de Cologne, Japon Noir, Neroli Portofino, and Azure Lime.

The Bold shades are Pure Pink (bright, cool pink), Ginger Fawn (searing orange), True Coral (my perfect poppy), and Cherry Lush (sexy, blue, cherry red). The Bold fragrance pairings are Oriental, Noir de Noir, Amber Absolute, Floral, Champaca Absolute, and Black Violet.

The Dramatic shades are Smoke Red (a deeper, muted blue red), Moroccan Rouge (sensual berry), Bruised Plum (deep plum), and Black Orchid (a plummy deep brown). The Dramatic fragrance pairings are Woods, Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille, Italian Cypress, Arabian Wood, and Bois Marocain.

For those of you who wear Tom Ford’s perfume, does your favorite scent match your favorite shade?

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23 Responses to “Tom Ford Lipstick”

  • Kristina says:

    I am so excited that you swatched these! You are fabulous Karla to have swatches of boutique brands.

    The packaging on these are gorgeous, The shade selection is reminiscent of YSL Rouge Volupe’s. YSL RV’s initial offerings looked very similar to these.

    What is the formula like on these?

  • *jen says:

    Again, I know you hate me because you have swatched these. On the other hand, I never thought I’d be able to afford them so I’m not too hurt by your actions this time. ;)

    $45 for a lipstick is insanity in my eyes/budget!


  • diann_co says:

    YAY! I was curious about these..but, $45????OUCH!!!

  • michael says:

    They are worth every last penny….and hmmm…I don’t know if i can pick a single favorite Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance…perhaps Oud Wood, although I’m nuts for Azure Lime and I love every single lip color and will more than likely end up purchasing all of them as well. One of them is suppossed to be the lip changer you can apply with any other lip color to alter its appearance. I believe it’s vanilla suede but i could be wrong…. tom ford is a god amongst mice… I can not wait for more of his collection!

  • Moppi says:

    True Color is beautiful!

  • Ann says:

    I’m quite fond of Tobacco Vanille. From the Dramatic Shades, I would wear Moroccan Rouge, but it’s not something I would wear often. If I was going to get just one, I would be most tempted by Pink Dusk just because it looks far more wearable. But I already have a lot of lip shads like Pink Dusk, so that’s a good excuse to force myself to skip these.

  • Eileen says:

    I dislike TF’s marketing strategy: create an average product, severely limit the distribution, charge an inflated price, then make them all LE. UGH! And matching a lipstick to a perfume is downright silly. I can easily afford $45 a pop, but this is the kid of artificially created exclusivity that I avoid.

  • Nicolle says:

    I wear Black Orchid but hate dark lipstick so I don’t like the match. I like the Blush Nude shade but haven’t sampled the scent so maybe I should =)

  • Tango says:

    DAMN that’s pretty, I think I’m in love with True Coral. Time will tell how easy these things are to find on the cheap… Maybe Beauty Ticket will pull through.

  • isis says:

    I wear Black Violet but I would love to pick up 2 of the neutrals; Warm Sable and Pink Dusk. Smoke Red also looks really pretty. Ideally… I’d end up with all of them but I’d have to fall into a pile of money before that happens. I’ll definitely but at least one for my collection :)

  • Claudia says:

    oh wow $45….that’s a little out of my range. I’m not sure I would ever drop that kind of cash on a lipstick. The blush nude does look gorgeous though!

  • True coral and cherry lush look great!

  • Zekiye says:

    Hi Karla:

    You were my first swap on MUA. This is a wonderful blog I happened to stumble upon while looking for information on Tom Ford lipsticks. Your swatches inspired me to try a bunch of them today. They are all super gorgeous! So far, Cherry Lush and Smoke Red are my 2 favorites though Pink Dusk and Blush Nude are not far behind. The whole idea of pairings is kind of pretentious though.

  • Dawn says:

    Bergdorf (in NYC) already has these for sale. They are very opaque but a LOT brighter in person than they appear on the swatches. In fact, my skin tone is slighter darker than Karla’s and the True Coral appeared NEON.

  • lisa says:

    I heard these are drying but there’s no mention of the wear of these in the review? Does anyone know?

  • skybluesky says:

    Lisa, the wear is about 4-5 hours and it fades into a nice stain. The finish is creamy/satin.

    I have it in Cherry lush, it’s a great red that’s not too blue or too yellow on me! I have about NC-35 skin.

  • Brooke Lofton says:

    I love this site because I live in Alabama so I wasn’t able to try the Tom Ford lipsticks because they don’t sell them at the Saks Fifth Avenue. I read your review and decided to order 2 different Tom Ford colors from after I saw your picture posted of what the lip sticks look like tested out. It was easier to see how the colors really show up instead of going by a picture that isn’t a very accurate color match. I have blond hair and fair skin and I am 21 years old and I bought Moroccan Rouge because I like berry colors the most ,then Smoke Red. Moroccan Rouge was my favorite of the two and I think I am going to try vanilla suede next. Thanks for the great site I always check your tested out colors now before I buy different make up colors!

  • katred says:

    As always, thanks for the wonderful swatches. I discovered these in store in Canada this week and they made me weak in the knees. I’m a vampy lip addict who need never buy a dark lipstick again, so of course I ended up taking Black Orchid home. Now I’m having to restrain myself from going back for Moroccan Red and Bruised Plum… And Cherry Lush… And Vanilla Suede, oddly enough… What can I say? I’m in love…

  • Marina says:

    First off, katred’s above comment about having weak knees is absolutely spot on for me. I ventured into Canada’s Holt Renfrew and could not pull myself away from True Coral, a fantastically gorgeous colour. What I really love about the formula is that it doesn’t really clump up into my lip corners like other lip formulas, and it stays PUT at the same time.
    It’s expensive and I still feel horrified every time I think about the price but I wouldn’t give this away!

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