La Mer Fluid Foundation

La Mer, Fluid FoundationYou might be surprised to learn that ultra-luxe skincare brand La Mer makes a few “color” cosmetics products.  You probably won’t be surprised to know they’re all “for skin.”

La Mer offers a fluid foundation, a cream foundation, a pressed powder, a loose powder, and a potted cream concealer. I’ve heard the cream foundation is being discontinued, so if it’s something you use and love, stock up.

The Treatment Fluid Foundation comes in 10 shades (the sales associate at the counter in Neiman Marcus told me to ignore the numbers and use the names — La Mer added lighter and darker shades later, so the numbers are out of whack).  Fluid provides medium coverage with a dewy finish, and contains SPF 15.
La Mer, Fluid Foundation, swatches, Porcelain, Ivory, Linen, Creme, Natural, Sand, Buff, Neutral, Warm Beige, Tan
The “treatment” part of Treatment Fluid foundation is blue algae, which undergoes La Mer’s patented bio-fermentation process, but is not the “miracle broth” found in La Mer’s famous cream. The foundation is supposed to lift, add firmness and radiance, and promote clarity.

Porcelain, which looks like it matches my suntanned arms pretty well, was too dark for my face. The Fluid Foundation is $85 for a 1 oz. bottle with a pump top.

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7 Responses to “La Mer Fluid Foundation”

  • Joey says:

    I was wondering if you know what would be a good color match to Armani Luminous Silk #4. I’d like to try out new foundations, but find it difficult to color match in store. It’s hard for me to get to a La Mer counter (usually a 2 hour drive). I am also wondering if there are other foundations you would recommend. I prefer medium coverage with a slight dewey finish (i.e. not super matte or super shiny). I have combination skin and moderately sensitive skin. Skin concerns are redness and enlarged pores on cheeks (closest to nose). Any advice would be helpful. Karla, I love your site, thoroughness, and attention to detail! Your work is greatly valued and appreciated by dedicated readers like me. =) Have an awesome week. (P.S. I’m also on the hunt for a bronzing powder/cream suitable for light skin tones).

  • Amanda says:

    This is a response to Joey’s question. I’m #4 in Armani Luminous Silk and “Ivory” in the La Mer Treatment Cream foundation. It is the lightest color in the cream foundation and it is almost–but not quite–too dark for me. It seems that La Mer foundations run dark. I do have to say that the cream La Mer foundation is divine! It gives a beautiful dewy glow that really lasts. The price is high, but that little jar will last a long time. I’ve never tried the liquid, but gives high marks to the cream.

  • Alice says:

    I love this foundation- has a really nice texture– just too expensive!!

  • Marcia Bar says:

    I tried every cream from La Mer and I ended up applying all on m body to finish all the crap up quickly.

    I applied on my body even the La Mer (da) eye cream.

    This is just another expensive Estee Lauder

  • Sandra says:

    Wow, these are incredibly yellow-orange in tone. $85 for these kinds of shades is absolutely insane.

  • Arabelle says:

    Sandra, some people are actually very yellow-toned. I need foundations that are heavy in yellow undertones such as this and Bobbi Brown.

  • astri says:

    if i have a quite fair skin with yellow undertone, which color should i pick? ivory or linen?

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