Sonia Kashuk Natural Brush Collection

Sonia Kashuk released a limited edition “natural” collection for spring/summer, and I’ve been stalking her “Out of the Woods” brush set all over town. Why the fanaticism? Allow me to demonstrate.
Sonia Kashuk, Out of the Woods, brush set
First up, the blush brush (or powder brush… but I’ll use it for blush). The head shape reminded me immediately of MAC’s 129. It looks just slightly less wide in this picture, but my 129 has seen a lot of use (and travel), and the Sonia Kashuk brush is fresh-out-of-the-box — so it’s hard to say for sure. A full size 129 is $34.
Sonia Kashuk, Out of the Woods, blush brush, MAC, 129
The second brush in the case reminded me of a less tapered MAC 165 highlighting brush ($34).
Sonia Kashuk, Out of the Woods, highlighting brush
Dior, eyeliner, brushThe fifth brush in the box is an excellent approximation of Dior’s eyeliner brush ($26).

And then you also get a cork clutch; an eyeshadow laydown brush (not exactly like MAC’s 239, but the same basic idea); a flat, domed synthetic brush (most often used for concealer or other cream products); and a round, domed synthetic brush that I don’t understand at all.

The set is $20.

The brushes are made with a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, and I wouldn’t say you’d confuse them for a luxury brand with your eyes closed. But they’re very good brushes (convenient shapes and sizes, non-scratchy bristles) at an excellent price.

Sonia Kashuk is sold exclusively at Target.

There’s more to the Natural collection of course.  There’s also the Knock on Wood brush set (cork case, flat-top blush brush, weird round domed brush again, eyeshadow laydown, and a tightlining brush; $12.99); the Wooden Wonder Kabuki brush ($12.99); the Straight from Nature Foundation Brush ($16.99); the Straight From Nature Bamboo Powder Brush ($19.99); the Spring Awakening Eye and Lip Palette (three shadows, three lip glosses; $16.99); and finally the Straight from Nature Three-Piece Bamboo Brush Set (eyeshadow, “definition” brush, and crease brush; $19.99).
Sonia Kashuk, natural brush collection, Knock on Wood, Wooden Wonder, Kabuki brush, Spring Awakening Eye and Lip Palette

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2 Responses to “Sonia Kashuk Natural Brush Collection”

  • Amy says:

    Hi Karla! I have the round domed eye brush in the black handle, and it is soooo good. I have an age related hooded eye, and this brush gets the mid-tone greys and light browns just in the right spot. I use small circles & windshild wiper motions in the crease, and it is so easy and fast to use. I am going to buy a back up, and tuck it away.

  • ALP says:

    I have the Kashuk Bamboo eye set shown above. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s so soft and works so well. I think I’m going to get another one “in case” something happens to the one I have. Can’t recommend it enough.

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