Bobbi Brown Fall 2010: Denim & Rose

Bobbi Brown, Denim and RoseOoh, my Neiman Marcus counter got their fall collection in early (to compete with the Nordstrom-exclusive Chocolate & Navy collection? Idle speculation on my part).

The collection includes a zippered “Denim & Rose” palette, three new click-pen, brush-tip “Face Highlighters,” a sparkle eyeshadow, a gel eyeliner, a shimmer lipgloss, a new shade of Extreme Party mascara, and a brush set. Everything is limited edition.

The palette is $60. It includes four eyeshadows: Navajo (a permanent shade) and Gray Denim (new to this palette) are Bobbi’s “regular,” matte eyeshadow formula.  When I swatched Pink Granite (Sparkle eyeshadow) I thought I’d seen it before… but my mind was playing tricks on me. The grey-pink shade is only similar to Moonlight in the Holiday 2009 Chrome Palette.  Dark Rinse (Shimmerwash eyeshadow) is a black-blue with sparkle.

Pink Rose blush (which I swatched at light-to-medium intensity) is a pretty mauvey pink.

And then the lip colors! Disregard the names, Cool Rose (Creamy Lip Color) is a pretty, warm pink with small, subtle sparkles. The two lipglosses, Iced Lilac and Hot Rose are really liquid, like someone squeezed lipgloss into a square pan and troweled it flat and even. Iced Lilac is not lilac; it’s a clear gloss with delicate silver sparkles (like a Bobbi Brown version of MAC’s Rock Out). Hot Rose could be applied more sheerly than I swatched it here. Indie Rose is a beautiful deep raspberry, and the model in the promo pic is purportedly wearing Indie Rose + Hot Rose. The lip colors were my favorite thing about the palette, and I generally hate lip stuff in palettes.
Bobbi Brown, fall 2010, Denim and Rose, palette, swatches, Navajo, Gray Denim, Grey Denim, Pink Granite, Dark Rinse, Pink Rose, Cool Rose, Iced Lilac, Hot Rose, Indie Rose
The “loose” items include the new Denim (Sparkle) eyeshadow — I assume this is regularly priced at $20. The shadow reminded me of the Metallic Cream Eyeshadows in Bobbi’s Beach collection: the color was complex (greyed blue with gold sparkle), but a lot of sparkle in not much pigment.

Denim Ink gel eyeliner is deep, sparkly, dark-wash denim. Bobbi recently discontinued her blue gel eyeliners (Cobalt, Sapphire, and Indigo), so it’s nice to see one sneaking back in. Denim is closest to Sapphire, but the colors aren’t identical. I assume Denim Ink is regular priced at $21.

There’s a Shimmer Lipgloss (with a brush wand): Raspberry. It’s rose with a fine silver shimmer. And there’s a limited edition shade of Extreme Party Mascara: Denim (of course). Lip glosses are regularly $20; Extreme Party Mascara is regularly $22.
Bobbi Brown, fall 2010, Denim and Rose, swatches, Bronze, Opal, Rose, face highlighter, Denim sparkle eyeshadow, Denim Ink, Raspberry shimmer lipgloss
The Face Highlighters are new ($32 each). They’re click pens with brush tips. Bronze is surprisingly dark. Opal is white with pink opalescence. It’s quite sheer; definitely a highlighter. Rose is actually more of a lilac. You’d probably use this on your cheeks.
Bobbi Brown, Denim and Rose, brush set
Finally, there’s a brush set for $55. It contains a blush brush, an angled shadow brush, a flat, domed synthetic brush labeled eyeliner (but the bristles seem long?), and a lip brush.

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15 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Fall 2010: Denim & Rose”

  • MimiG323 says:

    done! Want that palette!

  • valerie says:

    Oooh, Indie Rose lip color looks oh so loverly! Here’s hoping that becomes a lipstick outside of a palette.

  • Donna says:

    Oooh… am loving the Denim gel eyeliner!

  • Kate says:

    Ooh, definitely going to get the gel eyeliner! Wish Indie Rose was sold separately :(

  • Lori says:

    I hate to be negative, but I fell in love w/BB for her nudes and natural look. I’m sad to see a lack of that in this collection. The denim bag and promo pic is very 80′s in my opinion.

  • Colette says:

    I’ll be skipping this collection. The only things I like are the blush and the Pink Granite in the palette. I can’t wear any of the other colors though. I wish she had skipped the palette and just released everything in singles.

  • Gisele says:

    I’m sure that Bobbi doesn’t mean to confuse me, or to call something “Cool” when it’s warm. And I’m sure that lots of gals will purchase this palette because it looks new and fresh and fun. To me, it looks 1980′s (even late 1970′s) redux. The pinks and denims are pretty though.

  • Violet says:

    Along the lines of what others have said… for me, it’s not the product even so much as the promo images and theme… this feels like watching the pilot episode of Friends. Very dated, not current. :/

  • Jessie says:

    I, for one, really like that palette. I wonder if it will come to Malaysia?

  • Kathy says:

    Finally! A BB palette with colors I can wear! I am very pink, so her usual yellow-based colors don’t work for me at all. I plan to buy it!

  • Nina says:

    My local Nordies has a brand new display up today. I was the first to dip my fingers into everything. ;) I bought the denim ink which is gorgeous with the blue shimmer! I was fairly unimpressed with the palate, even though I am a Bobbi fanatic. Wow were you right about the fluid glosses. The Chocolates were available for reservation, pre-sell, but no gift with purchase—July 17th, I think. Thanks soooo much for the great swatches!

  • Donna says:

    I love all of this, but the palette looks a bit “Trish McEvoy” to me. That won’t stop me from buying it, but I’m wondering if that’s the direction BB is going in. I have the cobalt and the sapphire liners and have to say they are two of my favorite gel liners. I was very sorry to see them discontinued. Guess I’ll have to stock up on this denim liner for when my last two navy liners have gone to their “resting place”.

  • Miss Melissa says:

    Is the denim ink a limited edition gel eyeliner, or a permanent to replace the other blues?

  • Valerie H. says:

    The Rose gloss is gorgeous on everyone!

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