SpaRitual Yes I Can

SpaRitual, Believe, Yes I CanWe’ve all been seduced by a promo photo before. In this case, it was SpaRitual’s Yes I Can (another creme from their Believe collection) that got me.

I liked the shade name, and the girl on their website looked so cute and earthy. But applied to fingertips, Yes I Can is not my favorite. And I’ve realized that when it comes to greens, I prefer blue-greens to yellow-greens.

I don’t know if it was just my bottle or if I was disheartened by the color, but Yes I Can seemed a little thicker than my other SpaRitual polishes. (Anyone else own this? Care to weigh in?)

Of course, SpaRitual polishes are still vegan and big-three-free — and I know this will be just the right green for someone else.
SpaRitual, Yes I Can, swatches

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4 Responses to “SpaRitual Yes I Can”

  • soaper1 says:

    I like it! But, you know me. I’ve never met a green that I didn’t like.

  • yavanna says:

    you know, i like this green. i am a cool-toned person, but there is something about greens in summer, that I just can’t resist. It’s the same with turqouise. I just LOVE wearing those colors in summer, I can’t help it.
    Other people wear neon pinks and really bright corals and reds and oranges, and I wear greens and turqouises ;) hehe.
    Even though it is a yellow-green, I would wear it and actually, I’m thinking of ordering it after seeing your picture. It looks really nice.
    I own a bottle of “green goblin” by BB couture for nails, which might be quite similar, I have to compare swatches …

  • Natalie says:

    I actually really like it! I think it looks nice on you! ^_^

  • somewings says:

    It’s one of the prettiest greens I’ve ever seen. I love Shoot for the Stars as well. I wish we had SpaRitual in France.

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