Three Custom Color Getaway Collection

Three Custom Color Specialists, Getaway CollectionThree Custom Color has a new lipstick formula coming out at the end of July. It’s full coverage, high pigment, with vitamin E, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and shea butter for moisture.

This release includes five shades ($21.50 each), each named after a fabulous beach destination (so naturally, this is the Getaway Collection).

The lipstick will be released in tubes (like the picture), but I got my hands on little sample pots, so I swatched with lip brushes. It’s never quite the same as applying stick to arm, so I also did blended-out swatches with my fingertips, to give you a second data point on the colors.

Don’t get me wrong; they’re definitely pigmented. I got almost full color on first swipe of the lip brush.
Three Custom Color Specialists, Getaway Collection, swatches, Santorini, Bora Bora, Majorca, Copacabana, St. Tropez
My favorite is actually tomato Majorca. It is SO warm (orange) red. It IS brighter than what I normally choose, but these lipsticks have some staining power to them, and I really like the way Majorca looks, blotted down. This is a photo without blotting:
Three Custom Color Specialists, swatch, Majorca
Speaking of staining, Bora Bora left a pink stripe on my arm, even after washing twice with Laura Mercier’s Purifying Oil Light, once with Chanel’s Biphase Cleanser, and soap and water. Serious business.

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8 Responses to “Three Custom Color Getaway Collection”

  • Lovely! Of course your favorite will be mine too :) I also like the looks of Copacabana. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  • chickadee says:

    Those look so pretty! Where can we purchase?

  • Sara says:

    I love Santorini :)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Hey chickadee,
    When they go on sale (end of July), you can order them online ( or they might be sold at a salon/spa near you. There’s also a store locator on their website.

  • JessieC says:

    I also like Majorca and Copacabana. Beautiful colors!

  • amy says:

    wow – they sure are strong colours. I’m a sheer lady so I don’t know if I’m game enough to wear these.

  • kerstin says:

    IS it really written “Majorca”??
    ´Cause it´s an spanic Island ( These Names are all Islands…hihi)and it´s spelled “Mallorca” but spoken “Majorca”..

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