Trish McEvoy Eye Definers

Today’s swatches actually showcase two of Trish McEvoy’s best known products: her Eye Definers and Finish Line.

Eye Definers are basically wet/dry eyeliners. They’re $16 each, sold in Jolly-Rancher sized pans that fit into Trish’s empty compacts or planner system.

Since you can use the Eye Definers dry OR wet, I used Trish’s Finish Line ($24) to make the wet swatches. Finish Line is basically a small dropper bottle of magic elixir, which turns powders into waterproof liquid liner. Dr. G first introduced me to this product, turning the pigments and glitters in a MAC holiday set into eyeliner (who’s Dr. G?). If you’re using Finish Line on your potted powders, apply it to your brush, not directly to the powder.
Trish McEvoy, Eye Definers, swatches, Black, Onyx, Midnight Diamond, Lava, Granite, Blackberry Granite, Bronze, Rich Brown, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Black is soft black/black. Onyx is charcoal/dark grey. Midnight Diamond is very soft, cool-brown-warm-grey/blue-purple-silver-brown-sparkly when used wet. Lava is the most sparkly: very dark brown with orange-pink sparkles.  The sparkles are actually less obvious when it’s used wet. Granite is cool brown/sparkly when wet. Blackberry Granite is a little more purple dry/and much more sparkly wet, with pink and gold sparkles. Bronze is quite reddish, and shimmery when wet. Rich Brown is matte.
Trish McEvoy, Eye Definers, swatches, Deep Aubergine, Deep Amethyst, Amethyst, Praline, Midnight, Arabian Nights, Indigo Blue, Caribbean Blue, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The second arm I thought generally looked better wet than dry. Deep Aubergine is a purply dark brown. Deep Amethyst and Amethyst look to be almost the same color — I think Amethyst performed better, and made a smoother swatch, though it does have sparkles that Deep Amethyst lacks. Praline is rose-brown and shimmery. Midnight is a somewhat chalky cobalt. Arabian Nights is a sapphire shimmer. Indigo Blue is a blacker shade, but swatches somewhat sheerly.  It’s also shimmery.  And Caribbean Blue is a barely shimmery teal (it has more green in it than the other blue shades).

Onyx, Praline, Midnight, Indigo Blue, and Caribbean Blue have been discontinued, but you may still be able to find them at counters.

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One Response to “Trish McEvoy Eye Definers”

  • Bronwen says:

    Thanks so much for posting these. I’ve had such trouble finding swatches online for Trish McEvoy!

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