Trish McEvoy Lipgloss

I figured I’d better show you swatches of the lipgloss in this week’s giveaway prize. Trish McEvoy’s “lipglosses” are the ones in the long tubes with the short brush wands (though Trish goes back and forth between brushes and doe’s foot wands).  The squeeze tube glosses are the Beauty Booster glosses; they contain SPF 15 and hyaluronic acid (a humectant). Both lipglosses and Beauty Boosters are $25 each.

Trish only lists five shades of lipgloss on her site (Sexy, Simply Glamorous, Irresistible, Gorgeous Pink Shimmer, and Irresistible Pink), but my counter still had the other shades for sale, so I swatched them, too.
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Of course I cheated, and the first thing swatched on my arm is not a lipgloss, but a lip- and cheek-stain called Pick-Me-Up ($28). It’s also NOT the same thing as the “Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips” listed on Trish’s website. That’s a color-changing lipstain that adapts to your body (similar idea to Dior’s Lip Glow or Smashbox’s O Gloss). Pick-Me-Up is for lips and cheeks and doesn’t adapt to your body chemistry.

About the glosses: Crystal (discontinued) is clear. Who discontinues a clear gloss? Tropical Nude (also discontinued) is coral-pink; similar to Pick-Me-Up, actually. Sexy is milky, baby pink; Irresistible Petal is a more pink, less white, pale pink with shimmer. Simply Glamorous is a soft peach. Irresistible is orange-golden brown with sparkles. Gorgeous Pink Shimmer is shimmery brown-pink. Irresistible Pink is warm, sheer, sparkly red.

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  • KellyK says:

    love the tropical nude!

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