Guest Swatcher: Burberry, Chicago

Burberry, display, NordstromTHRILLING news: after I posted the sneak peek of Burberry’s new cosmetics line — exclusive to Nordstrom, and launching in only five cities (not Dallas) — I got emails from a few amazing readers who live in or near those cities, offering to guest swatch. Yes! I feel SO lucky to have eyes on the ground!

The first report comes from Becca in Chicago:

Burberry’s makeup is definitely luxe. These are the products you leave on the counter, not in a drawer. They’re so shiny, and have a nice heavy feel to them. The Burberry plaid pattern is everywhere, even pressed into the powders and the sides of the lipsticks. My Nordstrom had just a handful of products, so I tried them all.
Burberry, display, Nordstrom
Burberry, swatches, Heather, Nude Beige, Blush, lipgloss, Brick Red, Rosewood, lipstick, Taupe Brown, Almond, eyeshadow, Warm Glow, bronzer
Burberry, swatches, Russet, blush, Midnight Blue, eyeliner, Sepia, lipliner, Trench, foundation
The powder products were surprisingly soft to the touch and had decent payoff. The bronzer and blush color didn’t build as quickly as I expected. The bronzer I tried, 01 Warm Glow, pulled peachy-orange on me. It was decently pigmented, and was semi-sheer when applied with a brush. “Warm Glow” Natural Bronzers are $48.

The blush, 01 Russet Blush, is a warm pinky-brown. It blended out to a very sheer warm pink. Included in the compact is an angled brush. “Light Glow” Natural Blushes are $42.
Burberry, Russet, blush, swatches
Both the powder and liquid foundation blended easily enough. The powder foundation is very sheer, and the liquid has light-to-medium coverage.

I did not realize that the foundation shades are named “Trench xxx” — I thought Trench was the name of that shade (and that’s what I wrote down). So I think I swatched the liquid and powder foundation in shade 04. 04 is quite yellow, and the sales associates did not know what the other shades look like, although he did say that they alternate warm, cool, and neutral. Nordstrom’s website has pictures of the shades, although I can’t say how accurate they are.

Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation (powder) is $55, and Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation is $52.
Burberry, swatches, Midnight Blue, eyeliner, Sepia, lip liner, Trench, foundation
The eyeshadows are so smooth and soft, and felt similar to (but nicer than) Dior. I didn’t test the blending ability of the shadows but from the little I played with them I think they will do very well.

They are described as sheer, but the color is easy to layer. 06 Almond is a warmer light brown. 07 Taupe Brown is, well, a brownish taupe. This one was definitely on the cool side. Sheer Eyeshadows are $29 and come with a sponge applicator.
Burberry, swatches, eyeshadow, Taupe Brown, Almond, Warm Glow, bronzer
The eyeliner felt like your average pencil liner and had a decent resistance to makeup wipes. 04 Midnight Blue is a deep navy. “Eye Definer” Eye Shaping Pencils are $27.

The lipsticks were very creamy. This is both good and bad, as they felt great on the lips, but smushed up a bit when applied. I’d describe the coverage as buildable medium (similar to a MAC Lustre), and all three had a lovely satin finish. They had reasonable staying power when wiped off with paper towel and makeup wipes, but they did not stain. The best part about the lipsticks is that the tubes are magnetic, so the cap stays on… but that means they cling to each other if they’re not far enough apart. My favorite is 04 Rosewood, a mauve pink, which is very close to a “my lips but better” shade. 19 Brick Red is a yellow-based tomato red. 01 Nude Beige is a warm apricot. “Lip Cover” Soft Satin Lipsticks are $30.
Burberry, swatches, lipstick, Nude Beige, Brick Red, Rosewood
The glosses were on the sheer side, and all had doe-foot wands. They did not feel sticky or gummy and the color was easy to build. 04 Blush is a very pretty warm pink. 09 Nude Beige is from the same family as the Nude Beige lipstick, but is a bit darker and more saturated. 02 Heather is warm pinky-brown. “Lip Glow” Natural Lip Glosses are $27.
Burberry, lipgloss, swatches, Nude Beige, Heather, Blush
The lip liner was 03 Sepia. Sepia is a reddish pink that matched the Rosewood lipstick well and disappeared on my lips. “Lip Definer” Shaping Pencils are $27.

The Burberry Beauty Brush is a very dense kabuki brush. It’s soft, but not as soft as my EcoTools kabuki. The brush is $52.

None of the products had a distinctly artificial smell — the lipstick smelled like plain old lipstick, etc. Overall, I was impressed by the quality but nothing especially stood out to me as a must-have. Of course, once I see all the colors in person, I could change my mind.

Products not available for testing were Sheer Luminous Pressed Powder (available in 2 shades, $45) and “Effortless Mascara” Volumising Enhancer (available in black, $28). Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue should be getting a proper Burberry counter in middle-to-late August, according to the concierge. All products are available now on the website or by calling. Each item comes in a little bag decorated with Burberry plaid.

For reference, I’m about an NW17, or N1 in MAC Face & Body. It was overcast every time I tried to take pictures — Chicago has been drenched this summer.

Karla’s note: I wonder if Nordstrom and Burberry chose rainy, overcast, “bad weather” cities for Burberry makeup — to support the Burberry trench?

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7 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Burberry, Chicago”

  • Laura says:

    Wow – great post. Many thanks to SubtleLikeATank; the swatches are terrific!

    I think Brick Red and Taupe Brown are calling my name, lol. It’s a nice collection of colors to get things started for this line. I think it is an interesting move to have all three models wearing the same colors, yet all three models aren’t that different looking, so…

    I definitely be watching this line to see how it goes over. I am glad that it has a more tasteful campaign. The over-sexed images from Tom Ford and D&G didn’t sell me on the makeup.

  • diann says:

    Thanky ou for this! It’s only at 6 Nordstroms so this helps

  • linda says:

    These swatches look a bit dark. I’ve seen that red lipstick and it’s much brighter. Also why is this so expensive? Way over priced.

  • Ann says:

    To Becca – wow, great job! Do you blog? Your pictures are so professional and clear :) I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them!

  • lexi says:

    am wondering how close the Nude Beige is to Revlon Soft Nude l/s?

  • Jellytea says:

    I can swatch the line at Burberry Costa Mesa if you’d like. (Ps, definitely not a cold weather city.) I live less than 5 miles away from the store. I can give you a brown girls perspective. I passed by the counter this Saturday. The gentlemen manning the line seemed kinda hesitant to help me, but in all fairness, I scanned the lines foundation choices and had a look of disappointment on my face. (Not sure if there are any choices for darker skinned ladies.) The vertical counters are gorgeous though. I hope they’re a few stand out products. Let me know if I can help.

  • Tiffany says:

    Yeah, what Jellytea said. Costa Mesa’s down in Orange County, the weather’s nice there, heh. :) But SF and Bellevue fit into your theory. Thanks for the swatches, Becca! It’s all a bit pricey for me, but I’m loving those eyeshadows.

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