Guest Swatcher: Kat von D palettes

I have one more really special treat: Guest swatches of the Kat von D palettes from Katie over at My Lips But Better. I am truly excited about these, because I’ve been curious about Kat von D since the line launched at Sephora (and I’ve been meaning to check them out, but there’s so much to distract me in a Sephora…). Anyway, her swatches and thoughts on the palettes:

These shadows are sooooooo nice! Only Metal Orchestra was a bit disappointing, because all the dark shades looked pretty similar on me, but otherwise I would purchase all of these. They’re really soft and buttery (I accidentally put a dent in a few with the sponge applicator). Definitely comparable to the softest of Urban Decay shadows.
Kat von D, KVD, swatches, True Love, Peanut, Benji, Rebekah, Lucifer, Cholita, Shiba, Babe, Missy
True Love is a great palette for warm-neutral eyes with a pop of color. I can see this being used in tons of different ways. The purples are slightly more pigmented than this photo indicates, and all the colors were gorgeous. The cream shadow is very, well, creamy. In the other palettes the cream shadow was dried out, but I think this is because Sephora takes the lids off the display palettes. Benji shows how nice, creamy, and pigmented these shadows are when they’re stored properly.

Peanut is a shimmery light gold, Benji is a metallic copper cream shadow, Rebekah is a warm russet brown, Lucifer is a satin black, Cholita is a dark plum satin, Shiba is a frosty medium purple, Babe is a frosty medium violet, and Missy is a frosty light lavender.
Kat von D, KVD, swatches, Beethoven, Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Grey, Tequila, Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather, Galeano
Beethoven is my favorite of the bunch! Sinner was a bit disappointing as it turned mostly brown on my skin, but it’s a gorgeous plummy brown. Lucifer is a black matte, Speed Blue is a royal blue shimmer, Razor Grey is a greenish pewter frost, Tequila is a frosty butter yellow, Sinner is a satin plum, Rad Purple is a satin royal purple, Leather is a satin warm brown, and Galeano is a frosty light plum.
Kat von D, KVD, Metal Orchestra, swatches, First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger, Lucifer, Glock, Razor Grey, Slayer
I thought Metal Orchestra was the most disappointing palette of the bunch — most of the darker colors came out about the same on my skin. Maybe they would look better on top of a base? Slayer (cream) looks horrible here, but that’s only because the tester was left open.

First Class is a frosty silver white, Techno is a vivid blue, Thrasher is a navy blue, Dagger is blue-black, Lucifer is black, Glock is pewter, Razor Grey is a greenish taupe, and Slayer is a silver metallic cream shadow.
Kat von D, KVD, swatches, Momento Mori, True, Solitude, Meditation, Agatha Pink, Sugar Skull, Peggy, Hard Luck, Tijuana
Momento Mori is a great palette for people who love brights. I couldn’t swatch Tijuana because it was mysteriously missing from the tester at both of the stores near me. Maybe there’s some kind of makeup bandit stealing all of the Tijuana pans? I have no idea, but sorry I couldn’t get the swatch.

True (the purple cream shadow) came out horribly, but I’m confident that’s because it was left open. True is a violet cream shadow, Solitude is a satin periwinkle, Meditation is a frost light copper, Agatha Pink is a light apricot shimmer, Sugar Skull is a light frosty yellow, Peggy is a satin teal, Hard Luck is a satin forest green, and Tijuana is an unknown dark brown.
Kat von D, KVD, swatches, Ludwig, Lucifer, Orbi, Dimebag, Tequila, Clay, Downtown, Baroque, Leather
All of the shades in Ludwig (except Lucifer) have a bit of shimmer or frost to them, but they’re not too frosty. I’d compare the texture to Urban Decay’s Deluxe Shadows or MAC’s Starflash shadows — they’re both buttery and pigmented.

Lucifer is a satin black, Orbi is an olive shimmer, Dimebag is a muted spring green frost, Tequila is a frosty butter yellow, Clay is a shimmery tan, Downtown is a shimmery copper, Baroque is a smooth rust brown, and Leather is a satin warm brown.

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3 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Kat von D palettes”

  • Tiffany says:

    I’ve been underwhelmed by the cream shadows in the Kat von D palettes, but I like the powders. Regarding Memento Mori, Tijuana is a *very* dark brown (maybe even a warm black, that’s how dark it is) with copper microglitter. Solitude reminds me a bit of Urban Decay Asphyxia, but I never got around to swatching them together to compare.

  • Élise says:

    I’ve had the Ludwig palette for quite a while and I really like it. Not sure I’d buy the other ones though.

  • shaimaa says:

    Love the first palette
    Great for summer and great for bronze look
    Love your blog

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