Guest Swatcher: Shu Uemura Potluck

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Miss Aishatherese, professional makeup artist and total all-star. Aishatherese previously swatched and reviewed Sally Hansen’s Carmindy foundation (Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy: Your Skin Makeup).

She and I were jointly lamenting Shu’s departure from the U.S., and she bravely volunteered to swatch the last vestiges of her Shu counter, to help those who still want to shop online.

Aishatherese is approximately NC35.
Shu Uemura, Vinyl Unlimited Gloss, swatches, CL010, CL011, OR558, RD165, BR795, PK327, OR521
Aishatherese’s notes: RD165 is the gloss version of their best-selling Rouge Unlimited PR165 (which was voted by Allure magazing as the best universal red).
Shu Uemura, cream eyeshadow, swatches, M White, P Beige, P Pink, M Sand Brown, P Taupe, M Black
Aishatherese’s notes: Matte White is an awesome base for pastel shadows, and P Taupe is perfect for instant smoky eye — these really are creaseless!
Shu Uemura, eyeshadow, swatches, P Blue 500, ME Blue 600, M Blue 665, M Blue 685, ME Blue 650
Aishatherese’s notes: : M Blue 685 is the perfect “vibrant navy.” It’s awesome to smudge/smoke-out liners for brown-eyed girls.
Shu Uemura, swatches, drawing pencils, M Blue 03, M Brown 02, ME Brown 02, ME Khaki 09, ME Green 07, ME Silver 06, ME Pink 04
Aishatherese’s notes: M Brown 02 is the darkest, richest brown pencil I have ever used and it never budges.
Shu Uemura, blush, swatches, P Gold 91, P Gold 94, P Brown 76, P Peach 47, P Wine 25
Shu Uemura, blush, swatches, M Pink 31A, M Pink 31C, M Wine 24
Shu Uemura, blush, swatches, M Pink 30, P Peach 45, M Orange 55

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