Guest Swatcher: LORAC Eyeshadow Singles

KaiserMimiVII of Makeup Withdrawal (a girl I love who writes a blog I love), is rather fantastically swatching her way through her personal collection of discontinued LORAC products. Today I am thrilled to present her swatches of the discontinued single eyeshadows. LORAC shadows (from what I’ve felt and what KaiserMimiVII has told me) are incredibly soft, smooth, and pigmented. Their own website often has great specials and deals, and the brand often turns up on “sale” websites like Hautelook.

Here are KaiserMimiVII’s swatches and her descriptions of the colors:
LORAC, eyeshadow, swatches, Suede, Cappuccino, Garnet, Cocoa, Persuasion, Beige

Suede* – matte russet-brown
Cappuccino* – medium matte cafe au lait
Garnet – metallic red with brown
Cocoa – light dusky pink shimmer
Persuasion – cream with slight shimmer
Beige – matte beige (doesn’t show up well because it’s so close to my skintone)
*Both of these do have micro shimmer if you look closely at the pan, but it’s not discernible when swatched, so I consider them matte

LORAC, eyeshadow, swatches, Joy, Mesmerize, Harmony, Kiwi, Innocence, Reverie

Joy – blue-based pink with light gold sheen/shimmer
Mesmerize – subdued orange shimmer
Harmony – peachy pink shimmer
Kiwi – silver-blue shimmer
Innocence – light frosty purple (more blue than red)
Reverie – Taupe (glorious taupe!) with frost

LORAC, eyeshadow, swatches, Jade, Lush, Olive, Goddess, Love and Money

Jade – golden olive shimmer in a dark forest — nearly black — base
Lush – deep forest green shimmer
Olive – very neutral light olive shimmer
Goddess – bright sparkling yellow-green
Love & Money Eye It Kit – Duo of greens; the colors are similar to Goddess and Lush, but brighter and deeper

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3 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: LORAC Eyeshadow Singles”

  • Cheri says:

    Great Swatches, Mimi! They all look gorgeous, but I love the looks of Reverie and Olive especially. <3

  • Anna says:

    I love Cocoa, Mesmerize, Harmony and Kiwi :)
    Awesome swatches :)


  • I have only one palette from this brand and i LOVE it!!! the eye shadows are top quality, some of the best i have tried. I am so glad to see all the swatches on your blog. Thank you!

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