Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick, part 5

You can’t say Dany Sanz doesn’t have a sense of humor. Of the fifty shades of her new Rouge Artist Intense lipstick, just one has a name. (If she were a Douglas Adams fan, it would have been #42. And it might have been named “Meaning of Life.”)

Moulin Rouge comes in slightly different packaging than the rest of the shades. The bottom is metallic red, and the side of the case has a windmill and the words “Moulin Rouge.”

The Rouge Artist Intense formula is meant to be long-wearing, but the more intense the shade, the more true that is. I tried on Moulin Rouge (too bright, too cool — I’ll save it for a geisha costume), walked around, let it set, then wiped it off and found it had stained my lips. That’s serious business.
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The reds can look similar, so let’s describe their differences. 41 is a brown-orange red. 42 is bright, cool, cherry red. Moulin Rouge is just a little deeper/darker, still cool. 44 is darker still, and richer, with just a shade more berry to the color. Maybe it’s just a little warmer. 45 is more violet than the previous shades. 46 is also violet, but deeper — beginning to progress into “wine.”

47 is a reddish milk-chocolate. 48 is burgundy. 49 is cool smoked purple. 50 is black.

Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks are $19 each, available in Sephora stores and online at

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5 Responses to “Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick, part 5”

  • These do look intense. But, I love an intense lip and I don’t mind if they “stain” my lips. In my mind, that means it is good stuff!

  • BlackCat says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I have No. 44 and love it. Great cranberry red on me, not drying, doesn’t bleed, good staying power. Your swatches make me want to try some more of these.

  • AZ says:

    I’m a little confused, In this picture I really like #44 but when I look at other sites some bullets are this colour and some are a really dark brown and only slightly red but they’re both the “makeup forever intense lipstick”
    help? :S

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