Guest Swatcher: Illamasqua Elope

Oh, Illamasqua. I still pine for you, waiting for the day when you are in stores across America. When you are, the first item I will purchase will almost certainly be nail polish… then onto the blush — but I digress. The amazing and tireless Soaper1 sent over these gorgeous swatches of Illamasqua’s Elope, and my longing was rekindled. Her swatches and review:

Illamasqua is a British brand founded in 2008. Their aesthetic combines several influences, including the 1920s club scene, makeup for theater and film, and influences of alternative culture. The result is a line of cosmetics that is both bold and unique.

Until about a year ago, Illamasqua was not readily available in the U.S. However, Sephora started carrying the line (online, and in a few brick-and-mortar stores). They carry a very nice selection of the nail polishes, though Elope is only available on Illamasqua’s website. Thankfully, they do ship internationally. Illamasqua polishes are $14 at Sephora and £13 on I’ve purchased several and all have been wonderful.

Elope is a bright, emerald green, and I’d consider the finish a jelly. The first coat was slightly streaky, but the second coat really evened up nicely. Three coats would be fine for most, but to achieve the look that I like, I did four coats (topped with one coat of Poshe). This manicure is SO smooth and glossy.

The application of Illamasqua polishes is effortless. It’s amazing how easy to apply they are. I always clean up my manicures with a brush dipped in acetone, and Illamasqua manicures simply require very little clean up.

Illamasqua, Elope, swatches

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5 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Illamasqua Elope”

  • Andrea Morrison says:

    i’ve only purchased and tried to wear Illamasqua in “milf” (a light mint green) and it’s thick, sticky, doesn’t go on evenly- and chips instantly!

    i’ve tried it with different top and/or base coats, but it always turns out horrible. i hope maybe it was just a bad batch?

  • Anna says:

    That is such a beautiful green color :) Everytime I see a green nailpolish I start to think about my mum :D
    She loves green :)
    I wish I could get my hands on Illamasqua here where I live, but I cant… there are a lot of brands I cant find here in Vasa (Finland) :(
    Oh well :)
    Lovely color…


  • Evelyn says:

    It rather makes me think it’s something the Wicked Witch of the West would wear! lol

  • Belle says:

    Why oh why can’t Sephora carry this shade?!?!?!?!?

  • Tiffany says:

    Andrea, I’ve actually had similar experiences with Illamasqua’s nail polish, but only with a couple of light/pastel shades I’ve tried (Milf was one of them). I’ve had no problems with the darker shades that I have. Odd. Maybe the pastels will be better if I thin them out?

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