Gold Nail Polish (or “How Did This Happen?”)

I was struck by a sudden craving for gold fingernails, and I knew exactly the shade I wanted. But as I rummaged through my nail polish collection, I kept pulling out gold polishes other than the one I was looking for. How did I get here? I didn’t even know I had so many.

Anyway, to possibly save you, dear reader, from finding yourself in the same boat, I thought I should publish a comparison.
swatches, OPI, Glitzerland, Nina, Velveteen Rabbit, Sally Hansen, Gilty Pleasure, BB Couture, Blind Love, Claire's, 14 Karats, CoverGirl Bronze Beauty
OPI’s Glitzerland (from their fall Swiss collection) is a fine, shimmering, golden veil. Like tulle. It has tiny silver sparkles.

Nina’s Velveteen Rabbit is the most opaque in one coat… I also believe it’s identical to Claire’s 14 Karats. This shade is a brown gold, or a golden brown — it’s the one most like a real haircolor. It has silver sparkles.

Sally Hansen’s Gilty Pleasure is perhaps the smoothest. It’s also the most golden — it contains tiny sparkles, but they’re yellow/gold instead of silver.

BB Couture’s Blind Love is the coolest — it looks almost silver lined up with the others. It’s a cool gold, a silvered wheat.

CoverGirl’s Bronze Beauty is a little more brown than the others (but not so bronze that it didn’t deserve to join the lineup). It’s got both gold and silver sparkles.

Clearly I need to employ a little more self-restraint in the drugstore; not give in to the impulse purchase quite so often… Is there any category of makeup you find yourself “repeat buying”?

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8 Responses to “Gold Nail Polish (or “How Did This Happen?”)”

  • ooh the OPI polish is my favorite, it looks so delicate! have you ever tried zoya goldie? It’s one of my favorite gold polishes, it’s a full-on yellow good, and the color looks really rich and opaque. it always cheers me up :)

  • Dawn says:

    Oh my, I completely understand. It’s more “which category of makeup do I find myself NOT repeat buying”? To answer, it’s probably lip color in my case.

  • lia says:

    haha, that happens to me with green nail polishes… I can’t seem to stop buying them, and it gets to the point where I can’t remember what the shade looks like on my nail…

  • Angie says:

    i buy so many purple eyeshadows it’s absurd. granted, almost everyone can find a shade of purple to suit them, but there is no excuse for my purple collection. i know which brands are smooth, creamy, and blendable, and i should just stick to that instead of buying every pretty purple i see. i can’t help myself.

  • Dia says:

    I have a weak spot for dark blues, berries and light green nail polish. But overall, I’d say I have a problem buying nail polish, period. Oops! :P

    I like the way the Claires, OPI and SH polishes look in your swatches!

  • Oh I like the Sally Hansen shade!

  • waffo says:

    I think nail polish is my “repeat buying” :D
    Even if it’s only 2 times the almost same color in different brands (like jade green, pink neon… ).

  • Jean says:

    Oh my god do I ever do repeat buying… I have a stash of unused/unusable makeup and it’s because I keep buying cheap-o drugstore brands! (Not that all of them are bad, but some are just low quality.) I did that while a college student and my budget was tight, but thinking back I could have saved so much more money and heartbreak by just pooling the money and buying more expensive, worth-it-for-the-value cosmetics. Wisdom I found only lately, so now I’m focusing on high end brands… Which is poking a hole in my wallet but I believe it will be worth it in the long run… Plus I don’t want to wear glittery cheap stuff to job interviews.

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