MAC Tartan Tale: Brush Sets

MAC, Tartan Tale, holiday, 2010, brush bags, displayMAC has been doing “bagged” holiday sets for as long as I can remember, but I’ve usually thrown the bags away by the following March — they’re often not functional, no matter how sentimental you feel about the collection.

This year, MAC has done something a little different with their bags: they’ve turned them into purses, and each one comes with a strap so you can wear it cross-body. Even if you’re not a small-purse person yourself, you probably have a younger sister/niece/cousin/friend who could put it to good use. I think the idea is adorable.

The brush sets are $49.50 each; each one includes five brushes.

Starting from the bottom of the display, She’s Got It All (Define & Line) brush bag includes the 224 fluffy blender, the 275 angled eyeshadow, the 194 concealer, the 266 angled liner, and the 204 spoolie (for combing brows — or combing lashes after mascara application, if you don’t use a metal lash comb). Also note that the She’s Got It All bag is a different shape than the other two.
MAC, Tartan Tale, Brush Bag, She's Got It All, Define and Line, 224, 275, 194, 266, 204
Sweep Me Off My Feet (Sweep & Define) contains the 129 blush brush, the 190 foundation brush, the 227 large laydown eyeshadow brush (I learned to love this shape when I tried something similar in an Ecotools set), the 275 angled eyeshadow brush, and the 212 flat eyeliner brush (also called a “push” brush or a tightlining brush. Tightlining is applying eyeliner to your top lashes from the underside. It makes your lashes look fuller because you see less skin between the lashes).
MAC, Tartan Tale, Brush Bag, Sweep Me Off My Feet, Sweep and Define, 129, 190, 212, 227, 275
A Lady and Her Tricks (Buff & Line) contains the 187 large skunk brush (good for applying liquid foundation… some use it for pigmented blush. Maybe you could even use it for applying highlighter to the cheekbones?). It also contains the 168 angled blush brush, the 252 eyeshadow brush, the 219 “pencil” brush (great for smudging color along the lashline… it’s also a dense crease brush, if you want a very defined crease), and the 209 eyeliner brush.
MAC, Tartan Tale, holiday, 2010, brush bag, A Lady and Her Tricks, Buff and Line, 168, 187, 209, 219, 252

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5 Responses to “MAC Tartan Tale: Brush Sets”

  • Kap says:

    I always found that the quality of the brush is not equal to the normal size for every holiday sets. Or it might be only me ><

  • elbas says:

    It’s not just you! I buy them year after year and this year, even though these are sooo cute in the presentation, I am resisting because the quality is horrible.
    When I use the face/cheek holiday brushes they actually feel like they’re stabbing my skin!

  • sneha says:

    Men’s gift idea – a really comfortable pillow. This is an especially good gift for a boyfriend.

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