YSL Rouge Pur Couture

YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Pur CoutureMajor lipstick news from YSL: They’ve just unveiled 18 shades of a new formula, Rouge Pur Couture. 16 of these are “colors;” numbers 12 (Blanc) and 18 (Noir Laque) are actually “transformers,” meant to be used on top of or under other shades to change their look.  I plan to show you all 16 shades under Blanc and on top of Noir Laque, but it will have to be a post for another day, because it took me several tries to master the correct swatching technique.

The new cases were designed by YSL creative director Stefano Pilati, and for the first time in my memory, the lipsticks don’t smell like mango. DUN DUN! To me the new lipsticks smell like sweet (fruit? apricot?) + rose.

These lipsticks are really pigmented, and sort of staining, so they’re quite long-wearing. They’re $30, and Sephora gets its own exclusive color, #20 Rouge Flamme.  My local store doesn’t have theirs in yet, but I’ll definitely swatch it as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
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21 Responses to “YSL Rouge Pur Couture”

  • shyniz says:

    all color are amazing!

  • Aru says:

    OMG these are gorgeous!!! *-*

  • saku says:

    They look so creamy and nice.

  • Ruth says:

    I have 2 of these, “Rose Stiletto” & “Brun Sienne”. They really are divine !

  • Evelyn says:

    Are they as slippery on as the rouge voluptes I wonder?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    No, they’re not quite as crazy-creamy. Also, the one I tried (#3 Rouge Saadi) was so insanely pigmented I ended up applying less (which also reduces slip).

  • Jackie says:

    I have #6 and #10 and I love them!!!

  • Tiffany says:

    Goodness, these look amazing. Thanks for the swatches! I’m interested in the transformers as well.

  • ak says:

    I already know that I must buy (eventually) numbers 2, 7, and 15. I hope I can be crazy enough to wear number 7 in the daytime as well!

    I want to say that I want to buy number 14 but I wish it were as darker a darker than number 2, and number 8 is very pretty on me but I wish it were warmer like numbers 2 and 14.

  • ak says:

    A part of me also wants to buy number 18 but am I patient enough or bothered about all these steps just to make a red lipstick darker….? Or should I just get number 2 and call it a day?

  • Danie says:

    I had no. 20, the one from Sephora, and I liked it, but ended up returning it. I was looking for a more pinky red. I ended up getting no. 4 and I love it. But to be fair, they are all really gorgeous, more a matter of finding the one that fits your personality. I plan to collect more. They last for a very long time. I like it a lot more than the rouge volupte, which just seem to sit temporarily on top of your lip. Your lip tends to absorb the color (ie stain) and stay with you for a long time.

  • ak says:

    Danie I’m glad you talked about the number 20 lipstick becasue it’s only sold at Sephora and there are no Sephoras in the UK, only in the US and France! I was sad about this exclusivity because number 20 sounded like a ‘pink red’ but since you say it isn’t then I may go ahead and buy number 4 eventually because I’ve been looking for a hot lipstick to match or complement my MAC Beet lip pencil which I love.

  • Rachelle says:

    I love number 7! I enjoy wearing a bold pink lip even during the day (depending on what I’m wearing and what mood I’m in) so I think I’ll get it. In Australia lipsticks are ridiculously expensive (this one is about $51 US over the counter) so I’ll be shopping around online

  • mae says:

    I LOVE U!!! u were so helpful omg.. THANKYOUUU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! and those colors rock!! :D thanks again!

  • Adele says:

    Thanks for swatching these! Rose Carnation looks gorgeous…

  • margo says:

    rose saadi great

  • Julia says:

    Karla, thank you very much for the review!
    I tested the # 18 on my lips – and I got the amazing effect! I like it!
    You said “numbers 12 (Blanc) and 18 (Noir Laque) are actually “transformers,” meant to be used on top of or under other shades to change their look” – where I can see the various tecniques for use this one?

  • Noor Aisah says:

    There r too many colours tt I want. My picks r
    #1, #3, #8, #13, #14, #16 & #18. OMG I m gonna burn my pocket.

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