By Terry Crayon Blackstar Multicare Eye Definer

I’ve gotten some requests for swatches of some VERY high end brands, so I’m trying to work them in, bit by bit. Today I have for you By Terry’s pencil eyeliners, Crayon Blackstar (Multicare Eye Definer Water Resistant).

These pencils are $39 each, with a brush at the back end. Shades 1-9 are “regular” colors; Violet Velvet was limited edition for fall.

Most fans of this eyeliner will tell you “it never moves!”

Well, it was a little more difficult than average to remove, but that’s because the pencil is very waxy (which also makes it hard, dry, and draggy). I tried Dark Green on my own eyelids and just couldn’t get a satisfactorily smooth line. I ended up drawing a Chanel liner over it.
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These liners are designed for use both on your lashline and on your waterline. In the U.S., you can find them at Barney’s and Space NK.

One last thing: the sales associate mentioned that these pencils sometimes have a problem with the lead breaking during sharpening, and that the product was going to be redesigned for this reason. But she also said she didn’t know when the new pencils would hit the counter — she said they weren’t even on her release calendar, which meant they could come as late as 2012.

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