Guest Swatcher: OPI Brisbane Bronze

Here’s a classic OPI shade, swatched by the exceedingly lovely Soaper1. I feel like we rarely talk about permanent nail polish shades, but it’s such a relief when you don’t have to scramble to hunt one down. OPI polishes retails for $8.50.

OPI Brisbane Bronze is a shimmery, metallic rose. I’ve picked up this polish dozens of times at various retailers, and I’ve always put it back down. Something about it intrigues me, but it’s just not my kind of color. OPI recently offered a free set of three minis with purchase — and one of those shades was Brisbane Bronze — so I thought I’d give it a try.

The shade applied nicely and doesn’t look frosty on the nail (though it’s frosty-looking in the bottle). This is three coats with one coat of Poshe. It wore well, but I think my first instinct was correct: this isn’t the color for me.

OPI, Brisbane Bronze, swatches

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5 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: OPI Brisbane Bronze”

  • Cendana says:

    Not a color I’d think of alongside the name Brisbane but hey, it’s cool they name an OPI nail polish after the Brisbane city hehehe!

  • Anne says:

    I agree the color isn’t really bronze, but I think it is a pretty color. So many OPI colors it is difficult to choose.

  • Beauty Girl says:

    This is a fabulous color for more mature ladies. It’s not my cup of tea either but it’s respectable to wear to work. I’m not sure my bright green would be appreciated by most bosses.

  • Diane C. says:

    That is a very beautiful color!

  • Jess says:

    I’m feeling that this is a little similar to OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry….anyone think the same?

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