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MAC, Marcel Wanders, displayMAC’s couture collection this year is a collaboration with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Browsing through his webpage, he seems to have an “ornate-whimsical” aesthetic, executed primarily in black and white. And though I think he’s best known for his homegoods and interior design, I particularly liked his water crown and toast/cutting board pearl necklace.

Wanders was given free rein on the packaging design (and I think he named the lipsticks and glosses), but had no hand in the shade selection.
MAC, Marcel Wanders, swatches, Light Medium, Medium Plus, Martha, Gesina, Catharina, Digna, Mary, Beatrix, Aleydis, Gertruyd, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Sheer Mystery Powders have become an annual holiday tradition for MAC (they’re not available as part of MAC’s permanent line). The Mystery Powders are matte finishing powders (for that classic, 40s, Dita Von Teese look). By contrast, Mineralized Skinfinish Natural contains light reflectors for more of a satin finish.

For $60, you’ll get the keepsake compact (which has one pan of powder in it), and a powder refill.  For previous years’ swatches of the Sheer Mystery Powders (more swatches are always better), revisit Baroque Boudoir or Hello Kitty/Kitty Kouture.

There are four lipsticks, $22 each. Martha is a Frost; Gesina, Catharina, and Digna are “Cream” — not a formula that normally exists in the MAC line.

Martha is a peach-pink-beige, and though I don’t normally go for MAC’s Frost lipsticks, I’ve been so attracted to this kind of peachy nude color lately. It’s not a very frosty Frost, and I didn’t find it drying (sometimes a problem for me and the Frosts).

Gesina is a blue, cherry red (a cool, pinked red). Catharina is a cool, vibrant medium pink. Digna is burgundy, and perhaps a bit more sheer than the other two.

The lipglosses are also $22 each. Mary is sheer yellow with gold sparkles; Beatrix is peach-brown with multicolored sparkles. Aleydis is a sheer almost-creme (it has a few very subtle pink sparkles, but I don’t think you’ll notice them on the lip). Gertruyd is a sheer cherry-chocolate with multicolored sparkles.

There are a few other pieces in the collection: a limited edition 187 large “skunk”/duo-fibre brush ($75; think of it as a piece of collectible, functional, Marcel Wanders art). There’s also a clutch for $65.

There’s also a new mascara, and I’m so surprised that this isn’t getting more buzz.  It’s called “False Lashes” and by all accounts, it is the reincarnated Prescriptives False Eyelashes formula (my old favorite!).  It’s Prescriptives-priced at $18, which is nice because it, too, comes in limited edition packaging.

“Air of  Style” perfume is also back — in solid form, in a darling little keepsake pendant. It’s actually reasonably priced at $30, and the dominant note for me is tuberose (or jasmine, or a related white flower).

Top: Red dates, wild red peonies, island cypress, and white pepper
Heart: Tuberose, orange blossom, jasmin, ylang-ylang, orris
Base: Touch of leather, antique woods, vetiver, amber crystals, tonka beans

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2 Responses to “MAC Marcel Wanders”

  • Dana says:

    Thank you again for such lovely swatches… Here in Australia, 1 lipstick costs AU$54!!! Ridiculous!!

  • Tessa says:

    I didnt know he is Dutch! Im from the Netherlands too!
    Nice detail is that the dutch queen is called Beatrix :)

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