NYX Round Lipsticks

In response to recent NYX swatches, several of you wrote in to ask if I could swatch NYX’s round lipsticks. I wrote to NYX to ask if that would be possible (fully expecting the answer to be no; they have 144 different shades of that lipstick formula) — to my great surprise they offered to send me a selection of shades for swatching.

At regular price, NYX’s round lipsticks are $4 each (sales happen from time to time). They feel very creamy, but they have an odd scent I can’t quite place… slightly chemical or medicinal.
NYX, Round lipstick, swatches, Celene, Circe, Darling, Thalia, Twist, Watermelon, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar Celene is a frosty yellow gold. Circe is a pink nude creme. Darling is a shimmery nude rose. Thalia is a creme mauve. Twist is a shimmery, warm, strawberry red. Watermelon is a frosty, warm, strawberry pink.
NYX, Round lipstick, swatches, Femme, Gem, Rose, Eros, Fire, Hebe, Electra, Chaos, Hero, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Femme is an electric coral creme. Gem is a frosty hot pink (it’s cool; you can see it reflects sort of blue). Rose is a warmer hot pink, and a creme finish. Eros is a warm red — the color of a Red Hot (cinnamon candy). Fire is azalea-colored, a warm, hot pink creme. Hebe is a deeper red with pink sparkles. Electra is a deeper, warmer red creme. Chaos is a vibrant, electric, cool pinked red. Hero is a deep blue-red.

As a very amusing sidenote, the back end of a NYX round lipstick has a colored cap (to tell you the shade before you open it).  On some lipsticks, this plastic cap is slightly loose, and if you pull it off, you’ll find that the plastic is actually clear, and NYX pours in a little lipstick to give you the color preview.  It’s kind of like a tiny bit of extra “emergency” lipstick, should you run out of your favorite shade.

EDIT: I have been informed that the back reservoir is filled not with lipstick, but a soft, gummy, colored rubber. Sorry to disappoint.

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19 Responses to “NYX Round Lipsticks”

  • Bunnie says:

    Oh my goodness Karla I never realized the swatch on the bottom could be removed! As soon as I read this I reached into my drawer to try it and it works! I just never thought about opening the bottom though I always wondered why the NYX lipstick colour bottoms are so accurate to the lipstick inside the tube.
    Thanks Karla!

  • Bunnie says:

    Oh hang on….scratch that Karla, I just tried to touch the little “emergency” lipstick on the bottom and its actually just coloured….RUBBER!
    Awwwww…..too bad.

  • Rose says:

    OMG OMG! THANK YOU SOO MUCH! I’ve been looking for swatches of the full range of these lipsticks for ever! And as strange as it may sound, I’ve kind of learned how to adapt your swatches to my skin tone so i know what to expect when looking at your pictures. You know not many people or bloggers have such consistent swatches! You’re definitely a reference in my book! GREAT JOB!

  • Gonna have to agree with Bunnie on this one. It’s actually colored jelly rubber and not possible to apply it to your lips.

  • Victoria says:

    I love NYX round lipsticks, their formula is SO pigmented, creamy, and never drying. Out of the ones you swatched, I have electra, and it is THE perfect true red on me (NC30) and looks absolutely amazing blotted to a matte fininsh

  • iota says:

    I dislike these lipsticks because of all the crappy chemicals and parabens they use. Toxic city on the lips yuck.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Total bummer about the “emergency lipstick”! I was planning on giving these away after swatching, so I was loathe to stick my finger into the reservoir.

  • Jean says:

    Thanks for the swatches, Karla! I’ve heard these lipsticks are great values so I’ve been wanting to try them out but the swatches on the NYX website are pretty inaccurate. I will definitely take this into account! :-)

    On another note, do you have any of those NYX jumbo pencils that you might swatch? ;-)

  • Syen says:

    I read raves about these round lipsticks and I picked up 3 myself a while back. But I must say, that horrid scent is a real turn-off! Boo! =(

  • Syen says:

    Oh OOOPS!

    Apologies, I think I jumped the gun. It’s not the Round Lipsticks that I have issues with, it’s the Tinted Lip Spa. That one has a real nasty scent. Sigh.. what do I do with those? I love the colours, but I can’t stand the scent. Oh dear…

  • pearlyn says:

    omgggg why did nyx send this colours for you to swatch imo they should totally send all cause their site never ever show the colours accurately super off swatch and i always cant decide what to get because of that (im even having a headache nao trying to figure my shade for their liquid foundation): ) if youre looking at this, please just send karla everything to swatch! x:

    anyways thanks for doing such great swatches! love it:D

  • Cat says:

    karla, what mac dupe is available for Nyx thalia?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Hey Cat,

    So you like mauve. I’d think Modesty (Cremesheen) is the closest. I’d also look at Creme in Your Coffee (deeper). http://karlasugar.net/2009/09/mac-lipstick-recap/

  • Lorena says:

    more nyx swatches!!!!!!! : )

  • Telha says:

    I would LOVE if u could swatch the other round lipstick shades, especially the new 24 A types shades!

  • Ruya says:

    I bought baby pink online and was disappointed with the shimmery corpse frosted pink I got instead of the rose I expected. Be careful ordering online, is all I want to warn you about.

    Anyway, this is great! I have to say, I wish I’d seen these wearable swatches sooner. Please update us with more!

  • allexis says:

    Some of them have lipstick in the buttom! I just bought fig and tea and fig has lipstick in it buttom and tea doesn’t

  • rose says:

    wht is the closest color to a red watermelon? I’m looking for not red, not pink, not orange, but sort of a combination, which I call watermelon. Cannot seem to find it. Any advice? thanks, Rose

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