Shu Uemura Blush, Part 2

It’s hard out there for a Shu blush lover. I mean, aside from the fact that Americans can only buy them online ($23 each), it’s also hard to get a handle on just how many Glow-On blush shades there are.

I know I didn’t swatch every shade. There are shades listed on the website that I’ve never seen, and there are shades I’ve swatched that aren’t listed on the website (which makes me think at least a few have been discontinued).

Hopefully, between the work of my absolutely wonderful guest swatchers and what I was able to find myself, we’ll be able to answer most of your questions. (Click here for aggregated Shu swatches.)

Today I have for you… an armful of pink blush. Here are the light swatches:
Shu Uemura, Glow On, blush, swatches, M Pink 30, M Pink 31, P Pink 34, M Wine 24, P Wine 25, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

Here are the heavy swatches:
Shu Uemura, Glow On, blush, swatches, M Pink 30, M Pink 31, P Pink 34, M Wine 24, P Wine 25, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I find Shu’s blush-naming convention a little odd. We already know that M stands for Matte and P for Pearl. But as to that color name in the middle… I wouldn’t have called the wine shades “wine.” They’re just a more intense pink.

If that wasn’t complicated enough, sometimes there’s an extra letter at the end of the shade name, as in M Pink 31A and M Pink 31C (available on the website). The blush I swatched did not have a final letter; it’s just M Pink 31. Why is this system so confusing?

M Pinks 30 and 31 look similar to me. 30 is a brighter pink; 31 is more muted and just slightly mauvier. Does anyone own both?  Would you care to elaborate further?

P Pink 34 has a very slight sheen to it (I don’t think you’d see it unless you were looking for it). It seems brighter and cooler than M Pink 30. The Wine shades are definitely more vibrant (both cool), and P Wine 25 has a pearly white/silver sheen in a heavy swatch.

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2 Responses to “Shu Uemura Blush, Part 2”

  • Carol L says:

    I love Shu, but hated their naming system. I have a feeling that is why Shu didnt do so well here in the states. Everything was too confusing… but the colors were very lovely. I also love their collaborations with artists.

  • Gorgeois says:

    I actually feel that Shu’s naming system is the most descriptive in the entire beauty industry. With one glance, I can tell the color family, shade intensity, and finish (matte, metallic, etc.) This is especially useful for eyeshadows.

    I’m really sad that Shu is no longer with us; the online selection has shrunk to almost nothing ever since they were pulled out of stores.

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