Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow, Part 2

Yesterday, we took a look at Trish’s matte eyeshadows; now it’s on to the glazes. The Glaze Eyeshadows are… everything that’s not matte.  Trish doesn’t really make frosty eyeshadows, so her Glaze shades generally range from satin-finish to soft shimmer.
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I was going to swatch Petal at the end, but I ran out of space at my wrist, so I had to squeeze it in at the elbow. Petal is a lavender satin, brighter, more pigmented, and more pink than “Lilac.”

Cream is a very sheer, shimmery, soft white. Platinum is a sheer, softly shimmery, smoke-blue (so pale it’s almost white). Lilac is a softly shimmery, very sheer lilac. White Peach (aptly named) is a shimmery, very whitened peach. Golden Apricot is a shimmery, warm (peached) blush pink. Natural is a satin apricot — an odd shade to name “Natural.” Glamorous Gold is a delicate golden pinked peach that reflects gold. It’s like a grown-up Melon pigment. Gorgeous Gold (formerly known as 24K) is an almost mustardy yellow gold. Gilded Lily (another oddly named shade) is a shimmery pale ice blue. Kiwi is a softly shimmery apple green. Azure is a shimmery (almost frosty) sky blue that reflects white.

Trish shadows are $16 each, sold as loose pans (which fit into a variety of customizable compacts and planners, sold separately).

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