Illamasqua Blush, Part 3

Today’s swatches complete the Illamasqua powder blushes available in my local Sephora. If your store doesn’t yet carry the brand, you can always buy the blushes online ($24 each, and carries a few more shades than the brick-and-mortar stores).

Here are light swatches:
Illamasqua, swatches, blush, Tweak, Thrust, Beg, Disobey, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

Here are heavy swatches:
Illamasqua, swatches, blush, Tweak, Thrust, Beg, Disobey, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The 12 powder shades I’ve seen are all matte. Tweak is strawberry red (much more red than Hussy, not as red as Panic). Thrust is an orchidy purple-pink. Beg is a warm, dusty rose. Disobey is yellow-beige (and I assume it’s for contouring?).

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5 Responses to “Illamasqua Blush, Part 3”

  • chibu74 says:

    Tweak and Thrust are so pretty

  • Hannah says:

    Is tweak like MAC bite of an apple from venemous villans?

  • Adelita says:

    Woohoo… I love Illamasqua blushes!
    I hope you’ll swatch their cream blushes & Rich Liquid Foundation too.
    I’ve never found Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation swatches (full/all shades) except on their official blog and unfortunately some colors are photographed inaccurately. I like your work better, it’s like 99.99% of your swatches are similar with the products when I saw it in real life. :)
    Bravo! (to you and your precious forearm :D )

  • Andrea says:

    Has Nymph not been swatched? I’m quite sure that’s on of their most popular shades.

  • MJ says:

    I’m with Adelita, it would be great if you’d swipe the Illamasqua RL Foundation and the cream blushes. Wayne Goss says your swatches are the best and I have to agree with him. I’m so happy to have discovered your blog, it’s been a huge help!!

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