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MAC, Mickey ContractorMickey Contractor has been a Bollywood makeup artist for 32 years, and for the last six, he’s been MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India. If his name sounds unusual to Western ears, it might be because Mr. Contractor is Parsi (Zoroastrian), and Parsis in India frequently have vocation-based last names (think Baker, Smith, or Miller in the Western world).

Random fact: Freddie Mercury (lead singer of the band Queen) was Parsi.

Contractor’s MAC collection launched January 6th — concurrently with Peacocky. If you haven’t seen the display at your local counter, it’s because the collection is only available in North America at the 22 top-selling counters/stores (and online).

None of the counters in Texas made that top-22 list, so I wasn’t able to swatch the entire collection. But thanks to professional local artist Mr. English, I was able to swatch most of it (he very graciously let me swatch items from his own kit).

Many of the products in this collection are named in Hindi. I wasn’t sure how to correctly say many of them, but Mr. Salt speaks Hindi, so I asked him to record this pronunciation guide:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

MAC, Mickey Contractor, swatches, Athma, quad, Jaan, Folie, Vivah, Carbon, Ivy, Siahi, Saffrom, Rani, Marvel, Oomph, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
In a 2007 interview with The Times of London, Contractor said that the eyes were the most important feature in Bollywood — and the eyes definitely have it in this collection.

MAC, Mickey ContractorThe Athma quad ($36) is everything you need to create Contractor’s signature, soft smoky eye in browns and earth tones. Jaan (technically a lustre formula, though I think MAC is throwing the old formula definitions out the window) is a peachy, biscotti, “flesh” tone with a few gold sparkles. Folie (a satin) is a matte red brown (like red chocolate). Vivah is a yellow (almost olive) brown with gold sparkles. In both Jaan and Vivah, the sparkles are really tiny. Carbon is MAC’s matte black.

People are going nuts over the collections two Fluidlines (gel/creme eyeliners, $15): Ivy is emerald green, and Siahi is peacock blue. I’m surprised this collection didn’t also repromote Feline, the only pencil liner that stays truly black on medium and darker Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern skintones.

There are four single eyeshadows as well ($14.50 each). Saffron (satin) is a red-orange with tiny sparkles that juuust keep it from being a matte. I expected “Saffron” to be yellow — that’s what color the world’s most expensive spice turns the food you cook with it. I guess the color is that of the saffron itself (it looks like red threads). Rani is a satin-finish hot pink. It also has those tiny little sparkles which just keep it from being a matte. Marvel is a buildable, deep blue-purple satin with tiny blue sparkles. Oomph is a buildable, very blackened green shimmer.
MAC, Mickey Contractor, swatches, Yash, Mehr, Flesh, Select Moisturecover Concealer, NC23, NC43, NC44, NC45.5, Coral Corrector, Yellow Corrector, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
In that Times of London interview, Contractor said, “When there’s so much focus on the eyes, I like to play down lips and go for nude, lighter colours; I recommend going for colours that match your natural lip colour.”

I only swatched two of the four lipsticks in this collection. Yash (matte) is a nude, mauvey, beige pink. Mehr (matte) is a very blue rose. The missing shades are Gulabi (amplified creme), which MAC describes as bright fuchsia, and Mocha (satin), a permanent shade, which I swatched here.

There are two Mickey Contractor lipglasses. I was able to swatch yellow-caramel Flesh, but I haven’t seen Lust, which is supposed to be a soft, muted pink. Lipsticks and lipglasses are $14.50 each.

Let’s talk about the blushes and come back to the “face” products.
MAC, Mickey Contractor, blush, swatches, Sur, Gana, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The collection contains a highlighter (Gana) and a blush (Sur). Both are $18.50.

Gana (frost) is a surprisingly delicate, golden champagne shimmer. Even in a heavy swatch, it wasn’t frosty or overwhelming. Sur (satin) is a dusty, browned rose. I really liked them both despite not technically being the skintone this collection was designed for.

MAC, Mickey ContractorAbout the “skin” products. Mickey Contractor’s collection contains three new shades of Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 ($26): NC41, NC43.5, and NC44.5. Are these limited edition? How can you make a foundation shade limited edition?

There are also four Select Moisturecover Concealers ($16.50, which I swatched above, with the lip products): NC23, NC43, NC44, and NC45.5. Then there’s a dual-ended Select Moisturecover Concealer ($21) in Coral Corrector and Yellow Corrector. Contractor says this product is intended to “tweak” a foundation or concealer that is almost the right color for your skin. They can also be used as color correctors to adjust darkness under the eyes or around the mouth.

Finally, this collection repromotes the 219 pencil brush ($24.50), the 239 eyeshadow laydown brush ($24.50) and the 116 small blush brush ($32), as well as Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder ($22), because photoshoots in India can get awfully hot and humid.

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14 Responses to “MAC Mickey Contractor”

  • becca says:

    I have Sur – if anyone is looking for a cheap dupe of Benefit Dallas, this is it. It’s similar in color but the finish is less shimmery than Dallas. Same brownish pink.

  • MariaC says:

    How different is Saffron to Paparazz-She (Peacocky Collection)? Also how different are Yash, Mehr from Super(Peacocky)kissable lipcolor? TIA.

  • Anitacska says:

    Funnily this collection is available at every counter in the UK and also online! I got Mehr and the two fluidlines only, most if it is too dark for me, although I liked Gana, but I already have Honor blush and it’s pretty much the same. We haven’t got Peacocky yet, but can’t wait for the eyeshadows, that’s why I skipped these ones, although Marvel and Oomph in particular are pretty nice.

  • diann_co says:

    I think MAC had a Mocha lipstick before..maybe it is a repromote?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    You are completely right, Diann, and I didn’t even think to look in the permanent display! I’ll amend that sentence.

  • Tusnelda says:

    Thank you very much, Karla, for the most comprehensive review on the web about this great collection and for your thorough investigation on the maker and background. Outstanding idea with the pronounciation guide, too :) Keep on your good work!

  • chibu74 says:

    Thanks for the swatches. I so wanted to buy Mehr l/s and sur blush but they were sold out in a couple of hours :(

  • Nayanika says:

    Let me guess Mr Salt is not from North India!:D
    Sur means lilt or rhythm; gana is song. I really like this collection, but I keep getting confused between Gulabi, which is pink, and is a fuchsia, and Rani, which is queen but also what fuchsia is called in Hindi. I would have liked another foundation shade between NC 30 and 35 too.

  • AcademicGirl says:

    How close is Jaan to Tete a Tint?

  • Cynthia says:

    Thank you for another thorough and informative post – in addition to swatches, we (your readers) get highlights from the Times of London, a bit of cultural history, and trivia to boot! I love reading your blog!

  • Patricia says:

    It’s great that it’s also sold online, because it’s a too pretty collection to miss!
    OT: while reading the first paragraph, the thought “Oh I wonder what Freddie Mercury name would have been” crossed my mind, then I read the second paragraph and smiled :D

  • Emmy says:

    Thanks for finally posting this. I was so bummed that this sold out online in a matter of minutes. Thankfully it now reads coming soon on a few colors. I wonder why MAC decided to only bring this to a few stores. Lmae, it’s a beautiful collection.

  • Ondina says:

    Hi, I just received Lust yesterday, it’s a dupe of Bobbi Brown Pink Buff lipgloss.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    MariaC – Aside from the differences in finish (the Mega Metals are shimmery; Saffron is a nearly matte satin with tiny sparkles), Paparazz-she is a “dirtier” color. Saffron is a bright, clear red-orange. Paparazz-she has more brown or black to it. It’s also more orange… it’s like a grunge carrot. Yash and Mehr (as matte lipsticks) are going to give you a completely different experience from a liquid lipstick like Super. That aside, Yash is much closer in color to Super. I think Super is a little rosier; Yash is more neutral/more nude.

    Nayanika – That is fascinating, Gulabi being pink and Rani being fuchsia! Neither Mr. Salt nor I knew that, and now I’m wondering how that detail slipped past the product naming specialists. :)

    AcademicGirl – Good eye; they are similar. I think Jaan is Tete-a-Tint (swatched here: with the addition of a little brown, maybe a slight rosiness, and those gold sparkles that a Matte2 would lack.

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